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  • Hey @toolybird,

    would be great if we could just improve the two wiki articles in that regard (instead of making snippets like this the norm):

    They are flagged for being joined anyways 😊

  • @gromit, agreed! Hence the MASSIVE hint 😄

    I'm flat out (like a lizard drinking) trying to stay on top of wrangling duties.. so was hoping an experienced Wiki editor would step up and do some magic...

  • Note that bt full shows much more context than mere bt. For example, bt full includes the actual values of local variables/parameters in function calls that are shown as optimized out in the bt output.

  • @toolybird The info was basically already in the wiki, but I just made the page more readable and complete. Please check 😉

  • @lahwaacz, thanks a lot for that. It's a definite improvement! But I still feel it's a bit too technical for casual bug reporters who might not be developers and just want to report a crash. And now there is no mention of coredumpctl on that page... although I suppose that is covered here. I guess I'm seeing a need for a TL;DR section.. "backtraces for dummies" if you will 😄

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