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fix(deps): update rust crate strum to 0.26.2

renovate requested to merge renovate/strum-0.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
strum dependencies minor 0.24.1 -> 0.26.2

Release Notes

Peternator7/strum (strum)


Compare Source

  • #​337: Fix missing generic impls for EnumTryAs
  • #​334: Support prefix in AsRefStr. Technically a breaking change, but prefix was just added in 0.26.0 so it's a newer feature and it makes the feature more consisent in general.


  • #​325: use core instead of std in VariantArray.


Breaking Changes
  • The EnumVariantNames macro has been renamed VariantNames. The deprecation warning should steer you in the right direction for fixing the warning.
  • The Iterator struct generated by EnumIter now has new bounds on it. This shouldn't break code unless you manually added the implementation in your code.
  • Display now supports format strings using named fields in the enum variant. This should be a no-op for most code. However, if you were outputting a string like "Hello {field}", this will now be interpretted as a format string.
  • EnumDiscriminant now inherits the repr and discriminant values from your main enum. This makes the discriminant type closer to a mirror of the original and that's always the goal.
New features
  • The VariantArray macro has been added. This macro adds an associated constant VARIANTS to your enum. The constant is a &'static [Self] slice so that you can access all the variants of your enum. This only works on enums that only have unit variants.

    use strum::VariantArray;
    #[derive(Debug, VariantArray)]
    enum Color {
    fn main() {
      println!("{:?}", Color::VARIANTS); // prints: ["Red", "Blue", "Green"]
  • The EnumTable macro has been experimentally added. This macro adds a new type that stores an item for each variant of the enum. This is useful for storing a value for each variant of an enum. This is an experimental feature because I'm not convinced the current api surface area is correct.

    use strum::EnumTable;
    #[derive(Copy, Clone, Debug, EnumTable)]
    enum Color {
    fn main() {
      let mut counts = ColorTable::filled(0);
      for color in &[Color::Red, Color::Red, Color::Green]] {
        counts[color] += 1;
      assert_eq!(counts[Color::Red], 2);
      assert_eq!(counts[Color::Blue], 0);
      assert_eq!(counts[Color::Green], 1);
  • Display has 2 new features:

    • the strum(prefix = "some_value") attribute on an enum now allows you to prepend a string onto every variant when you serialize it.

    • Custom to_string and serialize attributes now support string interopolation on serialization.

MR's Merged
  • #​322: avoid collisions on std::fmt::Debug
  • #​321: avoid conflicts with consecutive underscores.
  • #​314: add additional bounds to EnumIterator
  • #​311: add FusedIterator bounds to EnumIterator
  • #​297: New macro, add VariantArray
  • #​296: adds prefix attribute to To/From String macros.
  • #​294: use named enum fields in to_string macro.
  • #​288: discriminant enums now inherit the repr from the original enum.
  • #​279: Add EnumTable macro to generate a mapping between fieldless variants and data.


Breaking Changes
  • #​261 Upgrade syn dependency to version 2. This bumps the msrv to 1.56. It's impractical to maintain a package where a core dependency of the ecosystem has a different msrv than this one.

  • 270 Change the to_string behavior when using default. Now, when using default, the display method will return the display version of the value contained in the enum rather than the name of the variant.

    enum Color {
    fn main() {
      // This used to print "Other", now it prints "Purple"
      assert_eq!(Color::Other("Purple".to_string()).to_string(), "Purple");

    If you want the old behavior, you can use the to_string attribute to override this behavior. See the MR for an example.

  • 268 Update the behavior of EnumCount to exclude variants that are disabled. This is a breaking change, but the behavior makes it more consistent with other methods.

New Features
  • #​257 This MR adds the EnumIs macro that automatically implements is_{variant_name} methods for each variant.

    enum Color {
    fn simple_test() {


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