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Got it working on Windows 10 + some other misc stuff

Sven-Hendrik Haase requested to merge github/fork/MBetters/master into master

Created by: MBetters

  • Got it working on Windows 10
  • Updated to the latest ISO (the 2019.05.02-x86_64 ISO from the mirror)
  • Added boot commands to create a vagrant sudoer user, so packer's SSH can work
  • Added a jq command to the README. That command preprocesses vagrant.json so that only the vagrant post-processor runs, so normal users can skip the publishing to Vagrant cloud (otherwise they'd get a 401 Unauthorized error at the end of their packer build). The jq is also piped through a tr to remove Windows carriage returns, if they exist.
  • Added another <wait> to fix the race condition where the boot commands try to execute before the autologin occurs

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