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fix(deps): update rust crate dialoguer to 0.11.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/dialoguer-0.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
dialoguer dependencies minor 0.10.4 -> 0.11.0

Release Notes

console-rs/dialoguer (dialoguer)


Compare Source

  • Added dialouger::Result and dialouger::Error
  • Added a BasicHistory implementation for History
  • Added vim mode for FuzzySelect
  • All prompts implement Clone
  • Add handling of Delete key for FuzzySelect
Bug fixes
  • Resolve some issues on Windows where pressing shift keys sometimes aborted dialogs
  • Resolve MultiSelect checked and unchecked variants looking the same on Windows
  • Input values that are invalid are now also stored in History
  • Resolve some issues with cursor positioning in Input when using utf-8 characters
  • Correct page is shown when default selected option is not on the first page for Select
  • Fix panic in FuzzySelect when using non-ASCII characters
  • Updated MSRV to 1.63.0 due to multiple dependencies on different platforms: rustix, tempfile,linux-raw-sys
  • Removed deprecated Confirm::with_text
  • Removed deprecated ColorfulTheme::inline_selections
  • Prompt builder functions now take mut self instead of &mut self
  • Prompt builder functions now return Self instead of &mut Self
  • Prompt interaction functions now take self instead of &self
  • Prompt interaction functions and other operations now return dialouger::Result instead of std::io::Result
  • Rename Validator to InputValidator
  • The trait method Theme::format_fuzzy_select_prompt() now takes a byte position instead of a cursor position in order to support UTF-8.


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