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fix(deps): update rust crate futures to 0.3.30 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/rust-futures-monorepo into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
futures (source) dependencies patch 0.3.29 -> 0.3.30

Release Notes

rust-lang/futures-rs (futures)


Compare Source

  • Add {BiLock,SplitStream,SplitSink,ReadHalf,WriteHalf}::is_pair_of (#​2797)
  • Fix panic in FuturesUnordered::clear (#​2809)
  • Fix panic in AsyncBufReadExt::fill_buf (#​2801, #​2812)
  • Improve support for targets without atomic CAS (#​2811)
  • Remove build scripts (#​2811)


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