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fix(deps): update rust crate reqwest to 0.12.1

renovate requested to merge renovate/reqwest-0.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
reqwest dependencies minor 0.11.25 -> 0.12.1

Release Notes

seanmonstar/reqwest (reqwest)


Compare Source

  • Fix ClientBuilder::interface() when no TLS is enabled.
  • Fix TlsInfo::peer_certificate() being truncated with rustls.
  • Fix panic if http2 feature disabled but TLS negotiated h2 in ALPN.
  • Fix Display for Error to not include its source error.


Compare Source

  • Upgrade to hyper, http, and http-body v1.
  • Add better support for converting to and from http::Request and http::Response.
  • Add http2 optional cargo feature, default on.
  • Add charset optional cargo feature, default on.
  • Add macos-system-configuration cargo feature, default on.
  • Change all optional dependencies to no longer be exposed as implicit features.
  • Add ClientBuilder::interface(str) to specify the local interface to bind to.
  • Experimental: disables the http3 feature temporarily.


  • Add hickory-dns feature, deprecating trust-dns.
  • (wasm) Fix Form::text() to not set octet-stream for plain text fields.


  • Revert system-configuration upgrade, which broke MSRV on macOS.


  • Fix Certificate::from_pem_bundle() parsing.
  • Fix Apple linker errors from detecting system proxies.


  • Add Certificate::from_pem_bundle() to add a bundle.
  • Add http3_prior_knowledge() to blocking client builder.
  • Remove Sync bounds requirement for Body::wrap_stream().
  • Fix HTTP/2 to retry REFUSED_STREAM requests.
  • Fix instances of converting Url to Uri that could panic.


  • Add Proxy::custom_http_auth(val) for setting the raw Proxy-Authorization header when connecting to proxies.
  • Fix redirect to reject locations that are not http:// or https://.
  • Fix setting nodelay when TLS is enabled but URL is HTTP.
  • (wasm) Add ClientBuilder::user_agent(val).
  • (wasm) add multipart::Form::headers(headers).


  • Fix compilation on Windows when trust-dns is enabled.


  • Add automatically detecting macOS proxy settings.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_info(bool), which will put tls::TlsInfo into the response extensions.
  • Fix trust-dns resolver from possible hangs.
  • Fix connect timeout to be split among multiple IP addresses.


  • Fix deflate decompression back to using zlib, as outlined in the spec.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_ignore_invalid_headers_in_responses() option.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_allow_spaces_after_header_name_in_responses() option.
  • Add support for ALL_PROXY environment variable.
  • Add support for use_preconfigured_tls when combined with HTTP/3.
  • Fix deflate decompression from using the zlib decoder.
  • Fix Response::{text, text_with_charset}() to strip BOM characters.
  • Fix a panic when HTTP/3 is used if UDP isn't able to connect.
  • Fix some dependencies for HTTP/3.
  • Increase MSRV to 1.63.


  • Fix RequestBuilder::json() method from overriding a previously set content-type header. An existing value will be left in place.
  • Upgrade internal dependencies for rustls and compression.


  • Upgrade internal dependencies of Experimental HTTP/3 to use quinn v0.9
  • (wasm) Fix blob url support


  • Chore: set MSRV in Cargo.toml.
  • Docs: fix build on


  • Add RequestBuilder methods to split and reconstruct from its parts.
  • Add experimental HTTP/3 support.
  • Fix connection_verbose to log write_vectored calls.
  • (wasm) Make requests actually cancel if the future is dropped.


  • Adds Proxy::no_proxy(url) that works like the NO_PROXY environment variable.
  • Adds multipart::Part::headers(headers) method to add custom headers.
  • (wasm) Add Response::bytes_stream().
  • Perf: several internal optimizations reducing copies and memory allocations.


  • Add ClientBuilder::dns_resolver() option for custom DNS resolvers.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_sni(bool) option to enable or disable TLS Server Name Indication.
  • Add Identity::from_pkcs8_pem() constructor when using native-tls.
  • Fix redirect::Policy::limited(0) from following any redirects.


  • Add ClientBuilder::resolve_to_addrs() which allows a slice of IP addresses to be specified for a single host.
  • Add Response::upgrade() to await whether the server agrees to an HTTP upgrade.


  • Add HTTP/2 keep-alive configuration methods on ClientBuilder.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_allow_obsolete_multiline_headers_in_responses().
  • Add impl Service<Request> for Client and &'_ Client.
  • (wasm) Add RequestBuilder::basic_auth().
  • Fix RequestBuilder::header to not override sensitive if user explicitly set on a HeaderValue.
  • Fix rustls parsing of elliptic curve private keys.
  • Fix Proxy URL parsing of some invalid targets.


  • Add Error::url() to access the URL of an error.
  • Add Response::extensions() to access the http::Extensions of a response.
  • Fix rustls-native-certs to log an error instead of panicking when loading an invalid system certificate.
  • Fix passing Basic Authorization header to proxies.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http09_responses(bool) option to allow receiving HTTP/0.9 responses.
  • Fix HTTP/2 to retry requests interrupted by an HTTP/2 graceful shutdown.
  • Fix proxy loading from environment variables to ignore empty values.


  • Update internal webpki-roots dependency.


  • Add blocking::ClientBuilder::resolve() option, matching the async builder.
  • Implement From<tokio::fs::File> for Body.
  • Fix blocking request-scoped timeout applying to bodies as well.
  • (wasm) Fix request bodies using multipart vs formdata.
  • Update internal rustls to 0.20.


  • (wasm) Fix request bodies more.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_only() method.
  • Add tls::Version type, and ClientBuilder::min_tls_version() and ClientBuilder::max_tls_version() methods.
  • Implement TryFrom<Request> for http::Request.
  • Implement Clone for Identity.
  • Fix NO_PROXYenvironment variable parsing to more closely match curl's. Comma-separated entries are now trimmed for whitespace, and * is allowed to match everything.
  • Fix redirection to respect https_only option.
  • (wasm) Add Body::as_bytes() method.
  • (wasm) Fix sometimes wrong conversation of bytes into a JsValue.
  • (wasm) Avoid dependency on serde-serialize feature.


  • Add ClientBuilder::resolve() option to override DNS resolution for specific domains.
  • Add native-tls-alpn Cargo feature to use ALPN with the native-tls backend.
  • Add ClientBuilder::deflate() option and deflate Cargo feature to support decoding response bodies using deflate.
  • Add RequestBuilder::version() to allow setting the HTTP version of a request.
  • Fix allowing "invalid" certificates with the rustls-tls backend, when the server uses TLS v1.2 or v1.3.
  • (wasm) Add try_clone to Request and RequestBuilder


  • Add impl From<hyper::Body> for reqwest::Body.
  • (wasm) Add credentials mode methods to RequestBuilder.


  • Add CookieStore trait to customize the type that stores and retrieves cookies for a session.
  • Add cookie::Jar as a default CookieStore, easing creating some session cookies before creating the Client.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http2_adaptive_window() option to configure an adaptive HTTP2 flow control behavior.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http2_max_frame_size() option to adjust the maximum HTTP2 frame size that can be received.
  • Implement IntoUrl for String, making it more convenient to create requests with format!.


  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_built_in_root_certs() option to disable built-in root certificates.
  • Fix rustls-tls glue to more often support ALPN to upgrade to HTTP/2.
  • Fix proxy parsing to assume http:// if no scheme is found.
  • Fix connection pool idle reaping by enabling hyper's runtime feature.
  • (wasm) Add Request::new() constructor.


Compare Source

  • Add hickory-dns feature, deprecating trust-dns.
  • (wasm) Fix Form::text() to not set octet-stream for plain text fields.


Compare Source

  • Revert system-configuration upgrade, which broke MSRV on macOS.


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