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fix(deps): update rust crate chrono to 0.4.36 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
chrono dependencies patch 0.4.35 -> 0.4.36

Release Notes

chronotope/chrono (chrono)


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This release un-deprecates the methods on TimeDelta that were deprecated with the 0.4.35 release because of the churn they are causing for the ecosystem.

New is the DateTime::with_time() method. As an example of when it is useful:

use chrono::{Local, NaiveTime};
// Today at 12:00:00
let today_noon = Local::now().with_time(NaiveTime::from_hms_opt(12, 0, 0).unwrap());



  • Revert TimeDelta deprecations (#​1543)
  • Deprecate TimeStamp::timestamp_subsec_nanos, which was missed in the 0.4.35 release (#​1486)


  • Correct version number of deprecation notices (#​1486)
  • Fix some typos (#​1505)
  • Slightly improve serde documentation (#​1519)
  • Main documentation: simplify links and reflow text (#​1535)


  • CI: Lint benchmarks (#​1489)
  • Remove unnessary Copy and Send impls (#​1492, thanks @​erickt)
  • Backport streamlined NaiveDate unit tests (#​1500, thanks @​Zomtir)
  • Rename LocalResult to TzResolution, add alias (#​1501)
  • Update windows-bindgen to 0.55 (#​1504)
  • Avoid duplicate imports, which generate warnings on nightly (#​1507)
  • Add extra debug assertions to NaiveDate::from_yof (#​1518)
  • Some small simplifications to DateTime::date_naive and NaiveDate::diff_months (#​1530)
  • Remove unwrap in Unix Local type (#​1533)
  • Use different method to ignore feature-dependent doctests (#​1534)

Thanks to all contributors on behalf of the chrono team, @​djc and @​pitdicker!


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