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fix(deps): update rust crate chrono to 0.4.38

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
chrono dependencies patch 0.4.35 -> 0.4.38

Release Notes

chronotope/chrono (chrono)


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This release bring a ca. 20% improvement to the performance of the formatting code, and a convenient days_since method for the Weekday type.

Chrono 0.4.38 also removes the long deprecated rustc-serialize feature. Support for rustc-serialize will be soft-destabilized in the next Rust edition. Removing the feature will not break existing users of the feature; Cargo will just not update dependents that rely on it to newer versions of chrono.

In chrono 0.4.36 we made an accidental breaking change by switching to derive(Copy) for DateTime instead of a manual implementation. It is reverted in this release.




  • Return error when rounding with a zero duration (#​1474, thanks @​Dav1dde)
  • Manually implement Copy for DateTime if offset is Copy (#​1573)


  • Inline test_encodable_json and test_decodable_json functions (#​1550)
  • CI: Reduce combinations in cargo hack check (#​1553)
  • Refactor formatting code (#​1335)
  • Optimize number formatting (#​1558)
  • Only package files needed for building and testing (#​1554)

Thanks to all contributors on behalf of the chrono team, @​djc and @​pitdicker!


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Version 0.4.36 introduced an unexpected breaking change and was yanked. In it LocalResult was renamed to MappedLocalTime to avoid the impression that it is a Result type were some of the results are errors. For backwards compatibility a type alias with the old name was added.

As it turns out there is one case where a type alias behaves differently from the regular enum: you can't import enum variants from a type alias with use chrono::LocalResult::*. With 0.4.37 we make the new name MappedLocalTime the alias, but keep using it in function signatures and the documentation as much as possible.

See also the release notes of chrono 0.4.36 from yesterday for the yanked release.


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This release un-deprecates the methods on TimeDelta that were deprecated with the 0.4.35 release because of the churn they are causing for the ecosystem.

New is the DateTime::with_time() method. As an example of when it is useful:

use chrono::{Local, NaiveTime};
// Today at 12:00:00
let today_noon = Local::now().with_time(NaiveTime::from_hms_opt(12, 0, 0).unwrap());



  • Revert TimeDelta deprecations (#​1543)
  • Deprecate TimeStamp::timestamp_subsec_nanos, which was missed in the 0.4.35 release (#​1486)


  • Correct version number of deprecation notices (#​1486)
  • Fix some typos (#​1505)
  • Slightly improve serde documentation (#​1519)
  • Main documentation: simplify links and reflow text (#​1535)


  • CI: Lint benchmarks (#​1489)
  • Remove unnessary Copy and Send impls (#​1492, thanks @​erickt)
  • Backport streamlined NaiveDate unit tests (#​1500, thanks @​Zomtir)
  • Rename LocalResult to TzResolution, add alias (#​1501)
  • Update windows-bindgen to 0.55 (#​1504)
  • Avoid duplicate imports, which generate warnings on nightly (#​1507)
  • Add extra debug assertions to NaiveDate::from_yof (#​1518)
  • Some small simplifications to DateTime::date_naive and NaiveDate::diff_months (#​1530)
  • Remove unwrap in Unix Local type (#​1533)
  • Use different method to ignore feature-dependent doctests (#​1534)

Thanks to all contributors on behalf of the chrono team, @​djc and @​pitdicker!


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