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fix(deps): update rust crate tokio to 1.27.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/tokio-1.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
tokio (source) dependencies minor 1.26.0 -> 1.27.0

Release Notes


v1.27.0: Tokio v1.27.0

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1.27.0 (March 27th, 2023)

This release bumps the MSRV of Tokio to 1.56. (#​5559)

  • io: add async_io helper method to sockets (#​5512)
  • io: add implementations of AsFd/AsHandle/AsSocket (#​5514, #​5540)
  • net: add UdpSocket::peek_sender() (#​5520)
  • sync: add RwLockWriteGuard::{downgrade_map, try_downgrade_map} (#​5527)
  • task: add JoinHandle::abort_handle (#​5543)
  • io: use memchr from libc (#​5558)
  • macros: accept path as crate rename in #[tokio::main] (#​5557)
  • macros: update to syn 2.0.0 (#​5572)
  • time: don't register for a wakeup when Interval returns Ready (#​5553)
  • fs: fuse std iterator in ReadDir (#​5555)
  • tracing: fix spawn_blocking location fields (#​5573)
  • time: clean up redundant check in Wheel::poll() (#​5574)
  • macros: define cancellation safety (#​5525)
  • io: add details to docs of tokio::io::copy[_buf] (#​5575)
  • io: refer to ReaderStream and StreamReader in module docs (#​5576)


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