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fix(deps): update rust crate tokio to 1.28.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/tokio-1.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
tokio (source) dependencies minor 1.27.0 -> 1.28.0

Release Notes


v1.28.0: Tokio v1.28.0

Compare Source

1.28.0 (April 25th, 2023)

  • io: add AsyncFd::async_io (#​5542)
  • io: impl BufMut for ReadBuf (#​5590)
  • net: add recv_buf for UdpSocket and UnixDatagram (#​5583)
  • sync: add OwnedSemaphorePermit::semaphore (#​5618)
  • sync: add same_channel to broadcast channel (#​5607)
  • sync: add watch::Receiver::wait_for (#​5611)
  • task: add JoinSet::spawn_blocking and JoinSet::spawn_blocking_on (#​5612)
  • deps: update windows-sys to 0.48 (#​5591)
  • io: make read_to_end not grow unnecessarily (#​5610)
  • macros: make entrypoints more efficient (#​5621)
  • sync: improve Debug impl for RwLock (#​5647)
  • sync: reduce contention in Notify (#​5503)
  • net: support get_peer_cred on AIX (#​5065)
  • sync: avoid deadlocks in broadcast with custom wakers (#​5578)
  • sync: fix typo in Semaphore::MAX_PERMITS (#​5645)
  • sync: fix typo in tokio::sync::watch::Sender docs (#​5587)


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