fix(deps): update rust crate serde to 1.0.190

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
serde (source) dependencies patch 1.0.177 -> 1.0.190

Release Notes

serde-rs/serde (serde)


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  • Preserve NaN sign when deserializing f32 from f64 or vice versa (#​2637)


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  • Fix "cannot infer type" error when internally tagged enum contains untagged variant (#​2613, thanks @​ahl)


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  • Fix "failed to parse manifest" error when building serde using a Cargo version between 1.45 and 1.50 (#​2603)


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  • Remove support for Emscripten targets on rustc older than 1.40 (#​2600)


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  • Disallow incompatible versions of serde_derive and serde in the dependency graph (#​2588, thanks @​soqb)


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  • Fix error "cannot move out of *self which is behind a shared reference" deriving Serialize on a non_exhaustive enum (#​2591)


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  • Restore from-source serde_derive build on all platforms — eventually we'd like to use a first-class precompiled macro if such a thing becomes supported by cargo /


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  • Support deserializing Box<OsStr> with an equivalent representation as OsString (#​2556, thanks @​DBLouis)


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  • Make serde(alias) work in combination with flatten when using in-place deserialization (#​2443, thanks @​Mingun)
  • Improve the representation of adjacently tagged enums in formats where enum tags are serialized by index, as opposed to by string name (#​2505, #​2496, thanks @​Baptistemontan)


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  • Update to 2018 edition


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  • Support serialization of tuple variants inside a flattened field (#​2448, thanks @​Mingun)


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  • Fix build error when using serde with "std" feature turned off and "unstable" feature turned on (#​2541)


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