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  • David Runge's avatar Style and syntax fixes · b588c526
    David Runge authored
    Set shebang to /usr/bin/env bash to be more portable/flexible.
    Turn all posix statements ([]) to bash style statements ([[]]), as we are using bash.
    Terminate the list of parameters to rm or cp with --.
    Replace the implementation of finding a local ISO to use with one that relies on a sorted list of potential images.
    Use virtio-net-pci for networking with qemu.
    Set the cow_spacesize to 4G for the archiso environment.
    Use --needed in the call to pacman to not re-install already up-to-date targets.
    Attempt a full system upgrade (but ignore the kernel).
    Increase the timeout for when installing packages to the archiso environment using pacman to 120s, as a system upgrade
    is being done as well.
    Use systemctl poweroff -i to shut down the virtual machine as it is more future proof and robust.