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    archiso/mkarchiso: reduce duplication and add more info messages · e2c5b452
    nl6720 authored
    Fixes to issues introduced in archlinux/archiso!59 :
    - _make_boot_on_fat(): copy initramfs from "${airootfs_dir}/boot/" not "${isofs_dir}/". Otherwise UEFI-only ISOs cannot be built.
    Some general fixes:
    - Replace mkdir with install. Unlike mkdir, install does not complain when the target exists.
    - Reduce excess newlines produced by messages.
    - Ensure FAT image gets unmounted in case the script is interrupted.
    - Create the ext4 image with mkfs.ext4 instead of truncate.
    - Do not rely on user and group names for chown commands. Use numeric UID and GID instead.
    - Minimize the times stderr is redirected to /dev/null.
    - Add missing '?' to getopts.
    - Standardize function definitions by removing spaces between the function name and () .