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    mkarchiso: do not try to use an non existent GPG public key file · d31f3884
    nl6720 authored
    The `bootstrap` build mode never calls `_export_gpg_publickey`, so even if
    the GPG key is passed with the `-g` option and thus the `gpg_key` variable
    is set, the `${work_dir}/pubkey.gpg` file will not exist.
    This has not caused any issue so far because the `ARCHISO_GNUPG_FD` file
    descriptor opens the file for both reading and writing, which means the
    file gets created if it does not exist.
    Assign the exported public key file name to a `gpg_publickey` variable in
    `_export_gpg_publickey` and check for it when the file is used.
    Since the exist status of the gpg command cannot be checked, look for the
    exported public key file instead.