Commit 6c0770de authored by Pierre Schmitz's avatar Pierre Schmitz Committed by Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
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Fix creation of [core] repository

* Download and add package signatures to the repository database
* Support any number of configured package caches

Signed-off-by: Pierre Schmitz's avatarPierre Schmitz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <>
parent e35e835e
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ make_usr_share() {
# Make [core] repository, keep "any" pkgs in a separate fs (makes more "dual-iso" friendly)
make_core_repo() {
if [[ ! -e ${work_dir}/build.${FUNCNAME} ]]; then
local _url _urls _pkg_name _cached_pkg _dst _pkgs
local _url _urls _pkg_name _dst _pkgs _cache_dir _cache_dirs
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/repo-core-any
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/repo-core-${arch}
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/pacman.db/var/lib/pacman
......@@ -177,17 +177,27 @@ make_core_repo() {
<(grep -v ^# ${script_path}/core.exclude.${arch} | sort | sed 's@^@core/@'))
_urls=$(pacman -Sddp -r ${work_dir}/pacman.db ${_pkgs})
pacman -Swdd -r ${work_dir}/pacman.db --noprogressbar --noconfirm ${_pkgs}
_cache_dirs=($(pacman -v 2>&1 | grep '^Cache Dirs:' | sed 's/Cache Dirs:\s*//g'))
for _url in ${_urls}; do
cp ${_cached_pkg} ${_dst}
for _cache_dir in ${_cache_dirs[@]}; do
if [[ -e "${_cache_dir}/${_pkg_name}" ]]; then
cp "${_cache_dir}/${_pkg_name}" ${_dst}
# download the package signature
curl -sC - -f "${_url}.sig" > "${_dst}.sig"
repo-add -q ${work_dir}/repo-core-${arch}/core.db.tar.gz ${_dst}
# remove the signature file again as it is now included in the db file
rm -f "${_dst}.sig"
if [[ ${_pkg_name} == *any.pkg.tar* ]]; then
mv ${_dst} ${work_dir}/repo-core-any/${_pkg_name}
ln -sf ../any/${_pkg_name} ${_dst}
# Remove old copy of db file
rm -f ${work_dir}/repo-core-${arch}/core.db.tar.gz.old
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/iso/${install_dir}
pacman -Sp -r ${work_dir}/pacman.db --print-format "%r/%n-%v" ${_pkgs} | sort > ${work_dir}/iso/${install_dir}/pkglist.repo-core.${arch}.txt
: > ${work_dir}/build.${FUNCNAME}
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