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Add base-devel tag

Sven-Hendrik Haase requested to merge add-base-devel-tags into master

This does a few things (and sorry, I know this is quite a lot and I usually try to keep it small but the refactoring kinda needs everything to go in at once):

  • Change from image format from archlinux/base to archlinux/archlinux:base
  • Add base-devel tag
  • Try to supersede !36 (closed)
  • Try to address concerns in #35 (closed)
  • Set up some automatic publishing preparation
  • Add container security scanning because why not

Fixes #35 (closed).

Once this is merged, it needs some manual outside actions:

  • Create new repository for the Docker Hub organisation: archlinux/archlinux
  • Create a Docker Hub technical account and add it to the organisation
  • Delete the old archlinux/base on Dockerhub (as we use archlinux/archlinux with tags now)
  • Clean up references to add-base-devel-tags
  • Delete old testing garbage (tags, files, releases)

Also for this change:

  • Make sure that the security concept is properly observed: Do not let an image or artifact built on non-secure runners pass over to secure runners! Use the non-secure runners for testing only and use the secure runners for final artifact creation and such.
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