Misc de-duplication and cleanups

Emil Velikov requested to merge xexaxo/archlinux-docker:dedup-cleanup into master

This splits out the de-dup/cleanups out of !81 (merged) and adds a few more.

  • Drop duplicate parallel/matrix
  • De-duplicate podman tag/push commands
  • Move shell scripts out of the Makefile
  • scripts/make-rootfs.sh: drop pacman gnupg removal
  • scripts/make-rootfs.sh: move non-wrapper calls further up
  • scripts/make-dockerfile.sh: tweak sha256 sum handling
  • scripts/make-dockerfile.sh: rework TEMPLATE_ROOTFS_DOWNLOAD handling
  • scripts/make-dockerfile.sh: drop TEMPLATE_ROOTFS_RELEASE_URL
  • Use pattern rules in the makefile
  • scripts/make-dockerfile.sh: reuse in the release stage
  • Parametrise Github/Dockerhub dockerfile

The above might be overly verbose split to be on the safe side. Squashing it trivial ;-)

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