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Draft: Fix blue colors

Christian Heusel requested to merge github/fork/lahwaacz/link-colors into master

Created by: lahwaacz

This builds on #70 and fixes many other places where the default MediaWiki blue color (#36c) was used instead of the Arch blue (#08c). I also boldly switched @link-color-normal from #07b (also used on bbs, bugs, security and aur) to #08c which is used in all Arch navbars and in archweb as the main blue color (besides #3ad and #1794D1).

The main part is the introduction of a custom OOUI theme, which is in a very proof-of-concept stage, especially its integration in the repo. The other commits are independent and I can split them to a separate pull request if this becomes a blocker.

I made several changes timeless so we don't need more updates after enabling the Timeless skin.

Some screenshots for comparison:

  1. after #70 (before the OOUI theme and other commits here): Screen Shot 2023-10-08 at 15 41 40
  2. after all commits here: Screen Shot 2023-10-08 at 15 19 01

The icon left of "Add topic" is still in #36c, but it seems to be hardcoded somewhere...

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