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    aurweb: Globalize a Translator instance, add more utility · c1e29e90
    Kevin Morris authored
    + Added SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES, a global constant dictionary of
      language => display pairs for languages we support.
    + Add Translator.get_translator, a function used to retrieve a
      translator after initializing it (if needed). Use `fallback=True`
      while creating languages, in case we setup a language that we
      don't have a translation for, it will noop the translation.
      This is particularly useful for "en," since we do not translate
      it, but doing this will allow us to go through our normal translation
      flow in any case.
    + Added typing.
    + Added get_request_language, a function that grabs the language for
      a request session, defaulting to aurweb.config [options] default_lang.
    + Added get_raw_translator_for_request, a function that retrieves
      the concrete translation object for a given language.
    + Added tr, a jinja2 contextfilter that can be used to inline translate
      strings in jinja2 templates.
    + Added `python-jinja` dep to .gitlab-ci.yml. This needs to be
      included in documentation before this set is merged in.
    + Introduce pytest units ( in `test` along with, which marks `test` as a test package.
    + Additionally, fix up to use the global translator. Also
      reduce its source width to <= 80 by newlining some code.
    + Additionally, prepare locale in .gitlab-ci.yml and add
      aurweb.config [options] localedir to with YOUR_AUR_ROOT
      like others.
    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLukas Fleischer <>