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Added requirements.txt to install Python dependencies via pip

Hunter Wittenborn requested to merge hwittenborn/aurweb:pu into pu

Adds Python dependencies to requirements list for installation via pip.

The following changes should probably be checked before merging:

  • fakeredis's version had to be bumped to 1.6.0 due to a version requirement on redis (fakeredis 1.3.0 required redis<3.5).

  • Uvicorn Hypercorn, and flake8 were added to the list of dependencies, as I wasn't sure if they should be included or not.

  • There's currently three sections I've made to help divide the dependencies (Arch Linux, General, and SQL). The General section is currently quite large, so I'm debating if they should all be put into a single section, or if the General one should be broken down more.

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