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Docker: Fix git hook & reorganize mariadb initialization

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:pu_docker into pu
commit 0fd31b8d368a4e4a267b5e83d608bc088bb13b4d (HEAD -> pu_docker, origin/pu_docker, pu)
Author: Kevin Morris <>
Date:   Wed Sep 8 17:14:55 2021 -0700

    refactor(docker): New mariadb_init service

    Provides a single source of truth for mariadb database
    initialization. Previously, php-fpm and fastapi were
    racing against each other; while this wasn't an issue,
    it was very messy.

    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris <>

commit 2e3f69ab126e6ac6ffa92b4e149faab61bfa3374
Author: Kevin Morris <>
Date:   Wed Sep 8 17:10:14 2021 -0700

    fix(docker): Fix git service's update hook

    The update hook was incorrectly linked to /usr/local/bin/aurweb-git-update,
    which was neglected during the original patch regarding dependency
    conversion to `poetry`.

    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris <>

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