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Fix and expose Docker cgit services

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:pu-cgit-aurweb into pu

Originally started with fixing cgit in mind (it was using the cgit package and not cgit-aurweb). It wasn't too much work to do the rest, so I just included them. See commits in the codeblock below.

commit fc7ed024f371bf24c9843b146f4fb42bbed3dd95 (HEAD -> pu-cgit-aurweb, origin/pu-cgit-aurweb)

    feat(docker): expose cgit-{php,fastapi} on {13000,13001}

    This change exposes the uwsgi daemon we use for cgit on:

    - PHP: docker-host:13000
    - FastAPI: docker-host:13001

    These ports can then be used to take advantage of cgit on
    a production server that hosts nginx in front of Docker.

    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris <>

commit 8b233903c12335888bbf4bc2a76186d6d8a44e4d

    fix(docker): fix cgit clone-prefix

    Additionally, clone-prefix is now configurable via environment variables:


    These vars can be used by production to customize the clone prefix.

    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris <>

commit f2182fa708662cb90e19fbdd30cc96d0008e1b21

    fix(docker): swap package cgit -> cgit-aurweb
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