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Fix PackageRequest-based notifications

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:fix-notifications into pu

fix(requests): rework handling of requests

This commit changes several things about how we were handling package requests.

Modifications (requests):

  • /requests/{id}/close no longer provides an Accepted selection. All manual request closures will cause a rejection.
  • Relevent pkgbase actions now trigger request closures: /pkgbase/{name}/delete (deletion), /pkgbase/{name}/merge (merge) and /pkgbase/{name}/disown (orphan).
  • Comment fields have been added to /pkgbase/{name}/{delete,merge,disown}, which is used to set the PackageRequest.ClosureComment on pending requests. If the comment field is left blank, a closure comment is autogenerated.
  • Autogenerated request notifications are only sent out once as a closure notification.
  • Some markup has been fixed.

Modifications (disown/orphan):

  • Orphan requests are now handled through the same path as deletion/merge.
  • We now check for due date when disowning as non-maintainer; previously, this was only done for display and not functionally. This check applies to Trusted Users' disowning of a package.

This style of notification flow does reduce our visibility, but accounting can still be done via the close request; it includes the action, pkgbase name and the user who accepted it.

Closes #204 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris

Edited by Kevin Morris

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