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change(python): move request & pkgbase request routes

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:move-requests into pu

Move package request routes and related routes to their respective routers. In addition, move some utility used for requests over from aurweb.packages.

Introduced routers:

  • aurweb.routers.requests

Introduced package:

  • aurweb.requests

Introduced module:

  • aurweb.requests.util


  • Moved aurweb.packages.validate to aurweb.pkgbase.validate
  • Moved requests listing & request closure routes to aurweb.routers.requests
  • Moved pkgbase request creation route to aurweb.routers.pkgbase
  • Moved get_pkgreq_by_id from aurweb.packages.util to aurweb.requests.util and fixed its return type hint.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris


  • Snuck in a centralization of sub-routers modules with a new aurweb.routers.APP_ROUTES constant (a list where routes should be configured).
Edited by Kevin Morris

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