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Draft: RTL CSS Variant

Yaron Shahrabani requested to merge (removed):rtl-css into master

Well, it's working and I've checked it, the only problem is that it only works for Hebrew, I was thinking to use CSS vars somehow but it'll require a bit more research on my end.

In the meanwhile if someone is proficient enough for this kind of task I'd love to get some help.

What I've done until now: Added an additional CSS selector for each CSS that has specific horizontal orientation with the :lang(he) pseudo selector so Arabic and Farsi are not yet supported.

What still needs to be done: Unreverse all the lists that should strictly appear in English (such as the package list, etc.). Add support for other RTL languages, hoping I will be able to make it without adding more pseudo selectors to the current selectors.

Tests to create:

  • Test default language dir=
  • Test rtl-supported language dir=
  • Test non-rtl-supported language dir=
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