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Draft: Show architecture for packages

Hugo Barrera requested to merge whynothugo/aurweb:show-architecture into master

I'd like to see the architecture for packages in the AUR's web view.

This is a PoC that's not ready to merge. The web pages show architectures for packages if they are known. The are parsed from .SRCINFO when the package is uploaded, so it will only be available for new packages. The dummy data generator has been updated to seek a sensible mix of platforms.

The biggest issue right now is that there's a single column that stores the architectures as a string. If someone ever wants to allow searching/filtering by this field, it'll be a nightmare. I'm not totally decided on how to model the DB part, but for now I'm thinking a table Architectures with this list, and another table PackageArchitectures with two columns: PackageId and ArchitectureId. This is well normalised and should perform well for searching on this column while de-duplicate the on-disk.

I'd like to hear feedback before actually investing more time in this. Thoughts?

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