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fix(deps): update dependency httpx to ^0.23.0

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httpx (changelog) ^0.20.0 -> ^0.23.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • Drop support for Python 3.6. (#​2097)
  • Use utf-8 as the default character set, instead of falling back to charset-normalizer for auto-detection. To enable automatic character set detection, see the documentation. (#​2165)
  • Fix URL.copy_with for some oddly formed URL cases. (#​2185)
  • Digest authentication should use case-insensitive comparison for determining which algorithm is being used. (#​2204)
  • Fix console markup escaping in command line client. (#​1866)
  • When files are used in multipart upload, ensure we always seek to the start of the file. (#​2065)
  • Ensure that iter_bytes never yields zero-length chunks. (#​2068)
  • Preserve Authorization header for redirects that are to the same origin, but are an http-to-https upgrade. (#​2074)
  • When responses have binary output, don't print the output to the console in the command line client. Use output like <16086 bytes of binary data> instead. (#​2076)
  • Fix display of --proxies argument in the command line client help. (#​2125)
  • Close responses when task cancellations occur during stream reading. (#​2156)
  • Fix type error on accessing .request on HTTPError exceptions. (#​2158)


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  • Don't perform unreliable close/warning on __del__ with unclosed clients. (#​2026)
  • Fix Headers.update(...) to correctly handle repeated headers (#​2038)


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  • Fix streaming uploads using SyncByteStream or AsyncByteStream. Regression in 0.21.2. (#​2016)


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  • HTTP/2 support for tunnelled proxy cases. (#​2009)
  • Improved the speed of large file uploads. (#​1948)


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  • The response.url property is now correctly annotated as URL, instead of Optional[URL]. (#​1940)


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The 0.21.0 release integrates against a newly redesigned httpcore backend.

Both packages ought to automatically update to the required versions, but if you are seeing any issues, you should ensure that you have httpx==0.21.* and httpcore==0.14.* installed.

  • The command-line client will now display connection information when -v/--verbose is used.
  • The command-line client will now display server certificate information when -v/--verbose is used.
  • The command-line client is now able to properly detect if the outgoing request should be formatted as HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2, based on the result of the HTTP/2 negotiation.
  • Curio support is no longer currently included. Please get in touch if you require this, so that we can assess priorities.


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