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fix(deps): update dependency hypercorn to ^0.14.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/hypercorn-0.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
Hypercorn ^0.11.2 -> ^0.14.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • Revert Preserve response headers casing for HTTP/1 as this breaks ASGI frameworks.
  • Bugfix stream WSGI responses


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  • Bugfix add missing ASGI version to lifespan scope.
  • Bugfix preserve the HTTP/1 request header casing through to the ASGI app.
  • Bugifx ensure the config loglevel is respected.
  • Bugfix ensure new processes are spawned not forked.
  • Bugfix ignore dunder vars in config objects.
  • Bugfix clarify the subprotocol exception.


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  • Fix Python3.7 compatibility.


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  • Bugfix only recycle a HTTP/1.1 connection if client is DONE.
  • Bugfix uvloop may raise a RuntimeError.
  • Bugfix ensure 100ms sleep between Windows workers starting.
  • Bugfix ensure lifespan shutdowns occur.
  • Bugfix close idle Keep-Alive connections on graceful exit.
  • Bugfix don't suppress 412 bodies.
  • Bugfix don't idle close upgrade requests.
  • Allow control over date header addition.
  • Allow for logging configuration to be loaded from JSON or TOML files.
  • Preserve response headers casing for HTTP/1.
  • Support the early hint ASGI-extension.
  • Alter the process and reloading system such that it should work correctly in all configurations.
  • Directly support serving WSGI applications (and drop support for ASGI-2, now ASGI-3 only).


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  • Bugfix re-enable HTTP/3.


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  • Bugfix trio tcp server read completion.


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  • Bugfix eof and keep alive handling.
  • Bugfix Handle SSLErrors when reading.
  • Support websocket close reasons.
  • Improve the graceful shutdown, such that it works as expected.
  • Support a keyfile password argument.
  • Change the logging level to warning for lifespan not supported.
  • Shutdown the default executor.
  • Support additional headers for WS accept response.


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  • Correctly utilise SCRIPT_NAME in the wsgi middleware.
  • Support Python 3.10.
  • Support badly behaved HTTP/2 clients that omit a :authority header but provide a host header.
  • Use environment marker for uvloop (on windows).
  • Use StringIO and BytesIO for more performant websocket buffers.
  • Add optional read timeout.
  • Rename errors to add a Error suffix, most notably LifespanFailure to LifespanFailureError.
  • Bugfix ensure keep alive timeout is cancelled on closure.
  • Bugfix statsd type error.
  • Bugfix prevent spawning whilst a task group is exit(ing).


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