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chore(deps): update dependency pytest to v7

renovate requested to merge renovate/pytest-7.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
pytest (source, changelog) ^6.2.5 -> ^7.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

pytest 7.1.3 (2022-08-31)

Bug Fixes

  • #​10060: When running with --pdb, TestCase.tearDown is no longer called for tests when the class has been skipped via unittest.skip or pytest.mark.skip.
  • #​10190: Invalid XML characters in setup or teardown error messages are now properly escaped for JUnit XML reports.
  • #​10230: Ignore .py files created by pyproject.toml-based editable builds introduced in pip 21.3.
  • #​3396: Doctests now respect the --import-mode flag.
  • #​9514: Type-annotate FixtureRequest.param as Any as a stop gap measure until 8073{.interpreted-text role="issue"} is fixed.
  • #​9791: Fixed a path handling code in that seems to work fine, but was incorrect and fails in some systems.
  • #​9917: Fixed string representation for pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} when used to compare tuples.

Improved Documentation

  • #​9937: Explicit note that tmpdir{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture is discouraged in favour of tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes


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pytest 7.1.2 (2022-04-23)

Bug Fixes

  • #​9726: An unnecessary numpy import inside pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} was removed.
  • #​9820: Fix comparison of dataclasses with InitVar.
  • #​9869: Increase stacklevel for the NODE_CTOR_FSPATH_ARG deprecation to point to the user's code, not pytest.
  • #​9871: Fix a bizarre (and fortunately rare) bug where the [temp_path]{.title-ref} fixture could raise an internal error while attempting to get the current user's username.


Compare Source

pytest 7.1.1 (2022-03-17)

Bug Fixes

  • #​9767: Fixed a regression in pytest 7.1.0 where some files outside of the source tree (e.g. in the [site-packages]{.title-ref} directory) were not picked up.


Compare Source

pytest 7.1.0 (2022-03-13)

Breaking Changes

  • #​8838: As per our policy, the following features have been deprecated in the 6.X series and are now removed:

    • pytest._fillfuncargs function.
    • pytest_warning_captured hook - use pytest_warning_recorded instead.
    • -k -foobar syntax - use -k 'not foobar' instead.
    • -k foobar: syntax.
    • pytest.collect module - import from pytest directly.

    For more information consult Deprecations and Removals in the docs.

  • #​9437: Dropped support for Python 3.6, which reached end-of-life at 2021-12-23.


  • #​5192: Fixed test output for some data types where -v would show less information.

    Also, when showing diffs for sequences, -q would produce full diffs instead of the expected diff.

  • #​9362: pytest now avoids specialized assert formatting when it is detected that the default __eq__ is overridden in attrs or dataclasses.

  • #​9536: When -vv is given on command line, show skipping and xfail reasons in full instead of truncating them to fit the terminal width.

  • #​9644: More information about the location of resources that led Python to raise ResourceWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} can now be obtained by enabling tracemalloc{.interpreted-text role="mod"}.

    See resource-warnings{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for more information.

  • #​9678: More types are now accepted in the ids argument to @pytest.mark.parametrize. Previously only [str]{.title-ref}, [float]{.title-ref}, [int]{.title-ref} and [bool]{.title-ref} were accepted; now [bytes]{.title-ref}, [complex]{.title-ref}, [re.Pattern]{.title-ref}, [Enum]{.title-ref} and anything with a [__name__]{.title-ref} are also accepted.

  • #​9692: pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} now raises a TypeError{.interpreted-text role="class"} when given an unordered sequence (such as set{.interpreted-text role="class"}).

    Note that this implies that custom classes which only implement __iter__ and __len__ are no longer supported as they don't guarantee order.

Bug Fixes

  • #​8242: The deprecation of raising unittest.SkipTest{.interpreted-text role="class"} to skip collection of tests during the pytest collection phase is reverted - this is now a supported feature again.

  • #​9493: Symbolic link components are no longer resolved in conftest paths. This means that if a conftest appears twice in collection tree, using symlinks, it will be executed twice. For example, given

    tests/real/ tests/real/ tests/link -> tests/real

    running pytest tests now imports the conftest twice, once as tests/real/ and once as tests/link/ This is a fix to match a similar change made to test collection itself in pytest 6.0 (see 6523{.interpreted-text role="pull"} for details).

  • #​9626: Fixed count of selected tests on terminal collection summary when there were errors or skipped modules.

    If there were errors or skipped modules on collection, pytest would mistakenly subtract those from the selected count.

  • #​9645: Fixed regression where --import-mode=importlib used together with PYTHONPATH{.interpreted-text role="envvar"} or pythonpath{.interpreted-text role="confval"} would cause import errors in test suites.

  • #​9708: pytester{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} now requests a monkeypatch{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture instead of creating one internally. This solves some issues with tests that involve pytest environment variables.

  • #​9730: Malformed pyproject.toml files now produce a clearer error message.


Compare Source

pytest 7.0.1 (2022-02-11)

Bug Fixes

  • #​9608: Fix invalid importing of importlib.readers in Python 3.9.
  • #​9610: Restore [UnitTestFunction.obj]{.title-ref} to return unbound rather than bound method. Fixes a crash during a failed teardown in unittest TestCases with non-default [__init__]{.title-ref}. Regressed in pytest 7.0.0.
  • #​9636: The pythonpath plugin was renamed to python_path. This avoids a conflict with the pytest-pythonpath plugin.
  • #​9642: Fix running tests by id with :: in the parametrize portion.
  • #​9643: Delay issuing a ~pytest.PytestWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} about diamond inheritance involving ~pytest.Item{.interpreted-text role="class"} and ~pytest.Collector{.interpreted-text role="class"} so it can be filtered using standard warning filters <warnings>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.


Compare Source

pytest 7.0.0 (2022-02-03)

(Please see the full set of changes for this release also in the 7.0.0rc1 notes below)


  • #​9488: If custom subclasses of nodes like pytest.Item{.interpreted-text role="class"} override the __init__ method, they should take **kwargs. See uncooperative-constructors-deprecated{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for details.

    Note that a deprection warning is only emitted when there is a conflict in the arguments pytest expected to pass. This deprecation was already part of pytest 7.0.0rc1 but wasn't documented.

Bug Fixes

  • #​9355: Fixed error message prints function decorators when using assert in Python 3.8 and above.
  • #​9396: Ensure pytest.Config.inifile{.interpreted-text role="attr"} is available during the pytest_cmdline_main <_pytest.hookspec.pytest_cmdline_main>{.interpreted-text role="func"} hook (regression during 7.0.0rc1).

Improved Documentation

  • #​9404: Added extra documentation on alternatives to common misuses of [pytest.warns(None)]{.title-ref} ahead of its deprecation.
  • #​9505: Clarify where the configuration files are located. To avoid confusions documentation mentions that configuration file is located in the root of the repository.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #​9521: Add test coverage to assertion rewrite path.

pytest 7.0.0rc1 (2021-12-06)

Breaking Changes

  • #​7259: The Node.reportinfo() <non-python tests>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} function first return value type has been expanded from [py.path.local | str]{.title-ref} to [os.PathLike[str] | str]{.title-ref}.

    Most plugins which refer to [reportinfo()]{.title-ref} only define it as part of a custom pytest.Item{.interpreted-text role="class"} implementation. Since [py.path.local]{.title-ref} is a [os.PathLike[str]]{.title-ref}, these plugins are unaffacted.

    Plugins and users which call [reportinfo()]{.title-ref}, use the first return value and interact with it as a [py.path.local]{.title-ref}, would need to adjust by calling [py.path.local(fspath)]{.title-ref}. Although preferably, avoid the legacy [py.path.local]{.title-ref} and use [pathlib.Path]{.title-ref}, or use [item.location]{.title-ref} or [item.path]{.title-ref}, instead.

    Note: pytest was not able to provide a deprecation period for this change.

  • #​8246: --version now writes version information to stdout rather than stderr.

  • #​8733: Drop a workaround for pyreadline that made it work with --pdb.

    The workaround was introduced in #​1281 in 2015, however since then pyreadline seems to have gone unmaintained, is generating warnings, and will stop working on Python 3.10.

  • #​9061: Using pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} in a boolean context now raises an error hinting at the proper usage.

    It is apparently common for users to mistakenly use pytest.approx like this:

    assert pytest.approx(actual, expected)

    While the correct usage is:

    assert actual == pytest.approx(expected)

    The new error message helps catch those mistakes.

  • #​9277: The pytest.Instance collector type has been removed. Importing pytest.Instance or _pytest.python.Instance returns a dummy type and emits a deprecation warning. See instance-collector-deprecation{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for details.

  • #​9308: PytestRemovedIn7Warning deprecation warnings are now errors by default.

    Following our plan to remove deprecated features with as little disruption as possible, all warnings of type PytestRemovedIn7Warning now generate errors instead of warning messages by default.

    The affected features will be effectively removed in pytest 7.1, so please consult the deprecations{.interpreted-text role="ref"} section in the docs for directions on how to update existing code.

    In the pytest 7.0.X series, it is possible to change the errors back into warnings as a stopgap measure by adding this to your pytest.ini file:

    filterwarnings =

    But this will stop working when pytest 7.1 is released.

    If you have concerns about the removal of a specific feature, please add a comment to 9308{.interpreted-text role="issue"}.


  • #​7259: py.path.local arguments for hooks have been deprecated. See the deprecation note <legacy-path-hooks-deprecated>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for full details.

    py.path.local arguments to Node constructors have been deprecated. See the deprecation note <node-ctor-fspath-deprecation>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for full details.

    ::: {.note} ::: {.admonition-title} Note :::

    The name of the ~_pytest.nodes.Node{.interpreted-text role="class"} arguments and attributes (the new attribute being path) is the opposite of the situation for hooks (the old argument being path).

    This is an unfortunate artifact due to historical reasons, which should be resolved in future versions as we slowly get rid of the py{.interpreted-text role="pypi"} dependency (see 9283{.interpreted-text role="issue"} for a longer discussion). :::

  • #​7469: Directly constructing the following classes is now deprecated:

    • _pytest.mark.structures.Mark
    • _pytest.mark.structures.MarkDecorator
    • _pytest.mark.structures.MarkGenerator
    • _pytest.python.Metafunc
    • _pytest.runner.CallInfo
    • _pytest._code.ExceptionInfo
    • _pytest.config.argparsing.Parser
    • _pytest.config.argparsing.OptionGroup
    • _pytest.pytester.HookRecorder

    These constructors have always been considered private, but now issue a deprecation warning, which may become a hard error in pytest 8.

  • #​8242: Raising unittest.SkipTest{.interpreted-text role="class"} to skip collection of tests during the pytest collection phase is deprecated. Use pytest.skip{.interpreted-text role="func"} instead.

    Note: This deprecation only relates to using unittest.SkipTest{.interpreted-text role="class"} during test collection. You are probably not doing that. Ordinary usage of unittest.SkipTest{.interpreted-text role="class"} / unittest.TestCase.skipTest{.interpreted-text role="meth"} / unittest.skip{.interpreted-text role="func"} in unittest test cases is fully supported.

  • #​8315: Several behaviors of Parser.addoption <pytest.Parser.addoption>{.interpreted-text role="meth"} are now scheduled for removal in pytest 8 (deprecated since pytest 2.4.0):

    • parser.addoption(..., help=".. %default ..") - use %(default)s instead.
    • parser.addoption(..., type="int/string/float/complex") - use type=int etc. instead.
  • #​8447: Defining a custom pytest node type which is both an pytest.Item <Item>{.interpreted-text role="class"} and a pytest.Collector <Collector>{.interpreted-text role="class"} (e.g. pytest.File <File>{.interpreted-text role="class"}) now issues a warning. It was never sanely supported and triggers hard to debug errors.

    See the deprecation note <diamond-inheritance-deprecated>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for full details.

  • #​8592: pytest_cmdline_preparse{.interpreted-text role="hook"} has been officially deprecated. It will be removed in a future release. Use pytest_load_initial_conftests{.interpreted-text role="hook"} instead.

    See the deprecation note <cmdline-preparse-deprecated>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for full details.

  • #​8645: pytest.warns(None) <pytest.warns>{.interpreted-text role="func"} is now deprecated because many people used it to mean "this code does not emit warnings", but it actually had the effect of checking that the code emits at least one warning of any type - like pytest.warns() or pytest.warns(Warning).

  • #​8948: pytest.skip(msg=...) <pytest.skip>{.interpreted-text role="func"}, <>{.interpreted-text role="func"} and pytest.exit(msg=...) <pytest.exit>{.interpreted-text role="func"} signatures now accept a reason argument instead of msg. Using msg still works, but is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

    This was changed for consistency with pytest.mark.skip <pytest.mark.skip>{.interpreted-text role="func"} and pytest.mark.xfail <pytest.mark.xfail>{.interpreted-text role="func"} which both accept reason as an argument.

  • #​8174: The following changes have been made to types reachable through pytest.ExceptionInfo.traceback{.interpreted-text role="attr"}:

    • The path property of _pytest.code.Code returns Path instead of py.path.local.
    • The path property of _pytest.code.TracebackEntry returns Path instead of py.path.local.

    There was no deprecation period for this change (sorry!).


  • #​5196: Tests are now ordered by definition order in more cases.

    In a class hierarchy, tests from base classes are now consistently ordered before tests defined on their subclasses (reverse MRO order).

  • #​7132: Added two environment variables PYTEST_THEME{.interpreted-text role="envvar"} and PYTEST_THEME_MODE{.interpreted-text role="envvar"} to let the users customize the pygments theme used.

  • #​7259: Added cache.mkdir() <pytest.Cache.mkdir>{.interpreted-text role="meth"}, which is similar to the existing cache.makedir() <pytest.Cache.makedir>{.interpreted-text role="meth"}, but returns a pathlib.Path{.interpreted-text role="class"} instead of a legacy py.path.local.

    Added a paths type to parser.addini() <pytest.Parser.addini>{.interpreted-text role="meth"}, as in parser.addini("mypaths", "my paths", type="paths"), which is similar to the existing pathlist, but returns a list of pathlib.Path{.interpreted-text role="class"} instead of legacy py.path.local.

  • #​7469: The types of objects used in pytest's API are now exported so they may be used in type annotations.

    The newly-exported types are:

    • pytest.Config for Config <pytest.Config>{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.Mark for marks <pytest.Mark>{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.MarkDecorator for mark decorators <pytest.MarkDecorator>{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.MarkGenerator for the pytest.mark <pytest.MarkGenerator>{.interpreted-text role="class"} singleton.
    • pytest.Metafunc for the metafunc <pytest.MarkGenerator>{.interpreted-text role="class"} argument to the pytest_generate_tests{.interpreted-text role="hook"} hook.
    • pytest.CallInfo for the CallInfo <pytest.CallInfo>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type passed to various hooks.
    • pytest.PytestPluginManager for PytestPluginManager <pytest.PytestPluginManager>{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.ExceptionInfo for the ExceptionInfo <pytest.ExceptionInfo>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type returned from pytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"} and passed to various hooks.
    • pytest.Parser for the Parser <pytest.Parser>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type passed to the pytest_addoption{.interpreted-text role="hook"} hook.
    • pytest.OptionGroup for the OptionGroup <pytest.OptionGroup>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type returned from the parser.addgroup <pytest.Parser.getgroup>{.interpreted-text role="func"} method.
    • pytest.HookRecorder for the HookRecorder <pytest.HookRecorder>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type returned from ~pytest.Pytester{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.RecordedHookCall for the RecordedHookCall <pytest.HookRecorder>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type returned from ~pytest.HookRecorder{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.RunResult for the RunResult <pytest.RunResult>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type returned from ~pytest.Pytester{.interpreted-text role="class"}.
    • pytest.LineMatcher for the LineMatcher <pytest.RunResult>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type used in ~pytest.RunResult{.interpreted-text role="class"} and others.
    • pytest.TestReport for the TestReport <pytest.TestReport>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type used in various hooks.
    • pytest.CollectReport for the CollectReport <pytest.CollectReport>{.interpreted-text role="class"} type used in various hooks.

    Constructing most of them directly is not supported; they are only meant for use in type annotations. Doing so will emit a deprecation warning, and may become a hard-error in pytest 8.0.

    Subclassing them is also not supported. This is not currently enforced at runtime, but is detected by type-checkers such as mypy.

  • #​7856: --import-mode=importlib <import-modes>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} now works with features that depend on modules being on :pysys.modules{.interpreted-text role="data"}, such as pickle{.interpreted-text role="mod"} and dataclasses{.interpreted-text role="mod"}.

  • #​8144: The following hooks now receive an additional pathlib.Path argument, equivalent to an existing py.path.local argument:

    • pytest_ignore_collect{.interpreted-text role="hook"} - The collection_path parameter (equivalent to existing path parameter).
    • pytest_collect_file{.interpreted-text role="hook"} - The file_path parameter (equivalent to existing path parameter).
    • pytest_pycollect_makemodule{.interpreted-text role="hook"} - The module_path parameter (equivalent to existing path parameter).
    • pytest_report_header{.interpreted-text role="hook"} - The start_path parameter (equivalent to existing startdir parameter).
    • pytest_report_collectionfinish{.interpreted-text role="hook"} - The start_path parameter (equivalent to existing startdir parameter).

    ::: {.note} ::: {.admonition-title} Note :::

    The name of the ~_pytest.nodes.Node{.interpreted-text role="class"} arguments and attributes (the new attribute being path) is the opposite of the situation for hooks (the old argument being path).

    This is an unfortunate artifact due to historical reasons, which should be resolved in future versions as we slowly get rid of the py{.interpreted-text role="pypi"} dependency (see 9283{.interpreted-text role="issue"} for a longer discussion). :::

  • #​8251: Implement Node.path as a pathlib.Path. Both the old fspath and this new attribute gets set no matter whether path or fspath (deprecated) is passed to the constructor. It is a replacement for the fspath attribute (which represents the same path as py.path.local). While fspath is not deprecated yet due to the ongoing migration of methods like ~_pytest.Item.reportinfo{.interpreted-text role="meth"}, we expect to deprecate it in a future release.

    ::: {.note} ::: {.admonition-title} Note :::

    The name of the ~_pytest.nodes.Node{.interpreted-text role="class"} arguments and attributes (the new attribute being path) is the opposite of the situation for hooks (the old argument being path).

    This is an unfortunate artifact due to historical reasons, which should be resolved in future versions as we slowly get rid of the py{.interpreted-text role="pypi"} dependency (see 9283{.interpreted-text role="issue"} for a longer discussion). :::

  • #​8421: pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} now works on ~decimal.Decimal{.interpreted-text role="class"} within mappings/dicts and sequences/lists.

  • #​8606: pytest invocations with --fixtures-per-test and --fixtures have been enriched with:

    • Fixture location path printed with the fixture name.
    • First section of the fixture's docstring printed under the fixture name.
    • Whole of fixture's docstring printed under the fixture name using --verbose option.
  • #​8761: New version-tuple{.interpreted-text role="ref"} attribute, which makes it simpler for users to do something depending on the pytest version (such as declaring hooks which are introduced in later versions).

  • #​8789: Switch TOML parser from toml to tomli for TOML v1.0.0 support in pyproject.toml.

  • #​8920: Added pytest.Stash{.interpreted-text role="class"}, a facility for plugins to store their data on ~pytest.Config{.interpreted-text role="class"} and ~_pytest.nodes.Node{.interpreted-text role="class"}s in a type-safe and conflict-free manner. See plugin-stash{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for details.

  • #​8953: RunResult <_pytest.pytester.RunResult>{.interpreted-text role="class"} method assert_outcomes <_pytest.pytester.RunResult.assert_outcomes>{.interpreted-text role="meth"} now accepts a warnings argument to assert the total number of warnings captured.

  • #​8954: --debug flag now accepts a str{.interpreted-text role="class"} file to route debug logs into, remains defaulted to [pytestdebug.log]{.title-ref}.

  • #​9023: Full diffs are now always shown for equality assertions of iterables when [CI]{.title-ref} or BUILD_NUMBER is found in the environment, even when -v isn't used.

  • #​9113: RunResult <_pytest.pytester.RunResult>{.interpreted-text role="class"} method assert_outcomes <_pytest.pytester.RunResult.assert_outcomes>{.interpreted-text role="meth"} now accepts a deselected argument to assert the total number of deselected tests.

  • #​9114: Added pythonpath{.interpreted-text role="confval"} setting that adds listed paths to sys.path{.interpreted-text role="data"} for the duration of the test session. If you currently use the pytest-pythonpath or pytest-srcpaths plugins, you should be able to replace them with built-in [pythonpath]{.title-ref} setting.


  • #​7480: A deprecation scheduled to be removed in a major version X (e.g. pytest 7, 8, 9, ...) now uses warning category [PytestRemovedInXWarning]{.title-ref}, a subclass of ~pytest.PytestDeprecationWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"}, instead of PytestDeprecationWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} directly.

    See backwards-compatibility{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for more details.

  • #​7864: Improved error messages when parsing warning filters.

    Previously pytest would show an internal traceback, which besides being ugly sometimes would hide the cause of the problem (for example an ImportError while importing a specific warning type).

  • #​8335: Improved pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} assertion messages for sequences of numbers.

    The assertion messages now dumps a table with the index and the error of each diff. Example:

    >       assert [1, 2, 3, 4] == pytest.approx([1, 3, 3, 5])
    E       assert comparison failed for 2 values:
    E         Index | Obtained | Expected
    E         1     | 2        | 3 +- 3.0e-06
    E         3     | 4        | 5 +- 5.0e-06
  • #​8403: By default, pytest will truncate long strings in assert errors so they don't clutter the output too much, currently at 240 characters by default.

    However, in some cases the longer output helps, or is even crucial, to diagnose a failure. Using -v will now increase the truncation threshold to 2400 characters, and -vv or higher will disable truncation entirely.

  • #​8509: Fixed issue where unittest.TestCase.setUpClass{.interpreted-text role="meth"} is not called when a test has [/]{.title-ref} in its name since pytest 6.2.0.

    This refers to the path part in pytest node IDs, e.g. TestClass::test_it in the node ID tests/

    Now, instead of assuming that the test name does not contain /, it is assumed that test path does not contain ::. We plan to hopefully make both of these work in the future.

  • #​8803: It is now possible to add colors to custom log levels on cli log.

    By using add_color_level <_pytest.logging.add_color_level>{.interpreted-text role="func"} from a pytest_configure hook, colors can be added:

    logging_plugin = config.pluginmanager.get_plugin('logging-plugin')
    logging_plugin.log_cli_handler.formatter.add_color_level(logging.INFO, 'cyan')
    logging_plugin.log_cli_handler.formatter.add_color_level(logging.SPAM, 'blue')

    See log_colors{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for more information.

  • #​8822: When showing fixture paths in [--fixtures]{.title-ref} or [--fixtures-by-test]{.title-ref}, fixtures coming from pytest itself now display an elided path, rather than the full path to the file in the [site-packages]{.title-ref} directory.

  • #​8898: Complex numbers are now treated like floats and integers when generating parameterization IDs.

  • #​9062: --stepwise-skip now implicitly enables --stepwise and can be used on its own.

  • #​9205: pytest.Cache.set{.interpreted-text role="meth"} now preserves key order when saving dicts.

Bug Fixes

  • #​7124: Fixed an issue where would raise an ImportError when --doctest-modules was provided.

  • #​8061: Fixed failing staticmethod test cases if they are inherited from a parent test class.

  • #​8192: testdir.makefile now silently accepts values which don't start with . to maintain backward compatibility with older pytest versions.

    pytester.makefile now issues a clearer error if the . is missing in the ext argument.

  • #​8258: Fixed issue where pytest's faulthandler support would not dump traceback on crashes if the faulthandler{.interpreted-text role="mod"} module was already enabled during pytest startup (using python -X dev -m pytest for example).

  • #​8317: Fixed an issue where illegal directory characters derived from getpass.getuser() raised an OSError.

  • #​8367: Fix Class.from_parent so it forwards extra keyword arguments to the constructor.

  • #​8377: The test selection options pytest -k and pytest -m now support matching names containing forward slash (/) characters.

  • #​8384: The @pytest.mark.skip decorator now correctly handles its arguments. When the reason argument is accidentally given both positional and as a keyword (e.g. because it was confused with skipif), a TypeError now occurs. Before, such tests were silently skipped, and the positional argument ignored. Additionally, reason is now documented correctly as positional or keyword (rather than keyword-only).

  • #​8394: Use private names for internal fixtures that handle classic setup/teardown so that they don't show up with the default --fixtures invocation (but they still show up with --fixtures -v).

  • #​8456: The required_plugins{.interpreted-text role="confval"} config option now works correctly when pre-releases of plugins are installed, rather than falsely claiming that those plugins aren't installed at all.

  • #​8464: -c <config file> now also properly defines rootdir as the directory that contains <config file>.

  • #​8503: pytest.MonkeyPatch.syspath_prepend{.interpreted-text role="meth"} no longer fails when setuptools is not installed. It now only calls pkg_resources.fixup_namespace_packages{.interpreted-text role="func"} if pkg_resources was previously imported, because it is not needed otherwise.

  • #​8548: Introduce fix to handle precision width in log-cli-format in turn to fix output coloring for certain formats.

  • #​8796: Fixed internal error when skipping doctests.

  • #​8983: The test selection options pytest -k and pytest -m now support matching names containing backslash ([\]{.title-ref}) characters. Backslashes are treated literally, not as escape characters (the values being matched against are already escaped).

  • #​8990: Fix [pytest -vv]{.title-ref} crashing with an internal exception [AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'relative_to']{.title-ref} in some cases.

  • #​9077: Fixed confusing error message when request.fspath / request.path was accessed from a session-scoped fixture.

  • #​9131: Fixed the URL used by --pastebin to use

  • #​9163: The end line number and end column offset are now properly set for rewritten assert statements.

  • #​9169: Support for the files API from importlib.resources within rewritten files.

  • #​9272: The nose compatibility module-level fixtures [setup()]{.title-ref} and [teardown()]{.title-ref} are now only called once per module, instead of for each test function. They are now called even if object-level [setup]{.title-ref}/[teardown]{.title-ref} is defined.

Improved Documentation

  • #​4320: Improved docs for [pytester.copy_example]{.title-ref}.
  • #​5105: Add automatically generated plugin-list{.interpreted-text role="ref"}. The list is updated on a periodic schedule.
  • #​8337: Recommend numpy.testing module on pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} documentation.
  • #​8655: Help text for --pdbcls more accurately reflects the option's behavior.
  • #​9210: Remove incorrect docs about confcutdir being a configuration option: it can only be set through the --confcutdir command-line option.
  • #​9242: Upgrade readthedocs configuration to use a newer Ubuntu version` with better unicode support for PDF docs.
  • #​9341: Various methods commonly used for non-python tests{.interpreted-text role="ref"} are now correctly documented in the reference docs. They were undocumented previously.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #​8133: Migrate to setuptools_scm 6.x to use SETUPTOOLS_SCM_MRETEND_VERSION_FOR_PYTEST for more robust release tooling.
  • #​8174: The following changes have been made to internal pytest types/functions:
    • The _pytest.code.getfslineno() function returns Path instead of py.path.local.
    • The _pytest.python.path_matches_patterns() function takes Path instead of py.path.local.
    • The _pytest._code.Traceback.cut() function accepts any os.PathLike[str], not just py.path.local.
  • #​8248: Internal Restructure: let python.PyObjMixin inherit from nodes.Node to carry over typing information.
  • #​8432: Improve error message when pytest.skip{.interpreted-text role="func"} is used at module level without passing [allow_module_level=True]{.title-ref}.
  • #​8818: Ensure regendoc opts out of TOX_ENV cachedir selection to ensure independent example test runs.
  • #​8913: The private CallSpec2._arg2scopenum attribute has been removed after an internal refactoring.
  • #​8967: pytest_assertion_pass{.interpreted-text role="hook"} is no longer considered experimental and future changes to it will be considered more carefully.
  • #​9202: Add github action to upload coverage report to codecov instead of bash uploader.
  • #​9225: Changed the command used to create sdist and wheel artifacts: using the build package instead of
  • #​9351: Correct minor typos in doc/en/example/special.rst.


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