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feat(rpc): add /rpc/v5/{type} openapi-compatible routes

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:rpc-openapi into master

We will be modeling future RPC implementations on an OpenAPI spec. While this commit does not completely cohere to OpenAPI in terms of response data, this is a good start and will allow us to cleanly document these openapi routes in the current and future.

This commit brings in the new RPC routes:

  • GET /rpc/v5/info/{pkgname}
  • GET /rpc/v5/info?arg[]=pkg1&arg[]=pkg2
  • POST /rpc/v5/info with JSON data {"arg": ["pkg1", "pkg2"]}
  • GET /rpc/v5/search?arg=keywords&by=valid-by-value
  • POST /rpc/v5/search with JSON data {"by": "valid-by-value", "arg": "keywords"}

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris

Edited by Kevin Morris

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