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fix(deps): update dependency fastapi to ^0.85.0 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/fastapi-0.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
fastapi ^0.83.0 -> ^0.85.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • 🐛 Fix support for strings in OpenAPI status codes: default, 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX. MR #​5187 by @​JarroVGIT.


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  • Upgrade version required of Starlette from 0.19.1 to 0.20.4. Initial MR #​4820 by @​Kludex.
    • This includes several bug fixes in Starlette.
  • ️ Upgrade Uvicorn max version in public extras: all. From >=0.12.0,<0.18.0 to >=0.12.0,<0.19.0. MR #​5401 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Upgrade dependencies for doc and dev internal extras: Typer, Uvicorn. MR #​5400 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Upgrade test dependencies: Black, HTTPX, databases, types-ujson. MR #​5399 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Upgrade mypy and tweak internal type annotations. MR #​5398 by @​tiangolo.
  • 🔧 Update test dependencies, upgrade Pytest, move dependencies from dev to test. MR #​5396 by @​tiangolo.


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Breaking Changes

This version of FastAPI drops support for Python 3.6. 🔥 Please upgrade to a supported version of Python (3.7 or above), Python 3.6 reached the end-of-life a long time ago. 😅

  • 🔧 Update package metadata, drop support for Python 3.6, move build internals from Flit to Hatch. MR #​5240 by @​ofek.


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