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chore(deps): update dependency coverage to v7 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/coverage-7.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

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coverage ^6.0.2 -> ^7.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

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  • Added: the debug output file can now be specified with [run] debug_file in the configuration file. Closes issue 1319_.

  • Performance: fixed a slowdown with dynamic contexts that's been around since 6.4.3. The fix closes issue 1538*. Thankfully this doesn't break the Cython change* that fixed issue 972_. Thanks to Mathieu Kniewallner for the deep investigative work and comprehensive issue report.

  • Typing: all product and test code has type annotations.

.. _Cython change: .. _issue 972: .. _issue 1319: .. _issue 1538:

.. _changes_7-0-5:


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  • Fix: On Python 3.7, a file with type annotations but no from __future__ import annotations would be missing statements in the coverage report. This is now fixed, closing issue 1524_.

.. _issue 1524:

.. _changes_7-0-4:


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  • Performance: an internal cache of file names was accidentally disabled, resulting in sometimes drastic reductions in performance. This is now fixed, closing issue 1527_. Thanks to Ivan Ciuvalschii for the reproducible test case.

.. _issue 1527:

.. _changes_7-0-3:


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  • Fix: when using pytest-cov or pytest-xdist, or perhaps both, the combining step could fail with assert row is not None using 7.0.2. This was due to a race condition that has always been possible and is still possible. In 7.0.1 and before, the error was silently swallowed by the combining code. Now it will produce a message "Couldn't combine data file" and ignore the data file as it used to do before 7.0.2. Closes issue 1522_.

.. _issue 1522:

.. _changes_7-0-2:


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  • Fix: when using the [run] relative_files = True setting, a relative [paths] pattern was still being made absolute. This is now fixed, closing issue 1519_.

  • Fix: if Python doesn't provide tomllib, then TOML configuration files can only be read if is installed with the [toml] extra. will raise an error if TOML support is not installed when it sees your settings are in a .toml file. But it didn't understand that [tools.coverage] was a valid section header, so the error wasn't reported if you used that header, and settings were silently ignored. This is now fixed, closing issue 1516_.

  • Fix: adjusted how decorators are traced on PyPy 7.3.10, fixing issue 1515_.

  • Fix: the coverage lcov report did not properly implement the --fail-under=MIN option. This has been fixed.

  • Refactor: added many type annotations, including a number of refactorings. This should not affect outward behavior, but they were a bit invasive in some places, so keep your eyes peeled for oddities.

  • Refactor: removed the vestigial and long untested support for Jython and IronPython.

.. _issue 1515: .. _issue 1516: .. _issue 1519:

.. _changes_7-0-1:


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  • When checking if a file mapping resolved to a file that exists, we weren't considering files in .whl files. This is now fixed, closing issue 1511_.

  • File pattern rules were too strict, forbidding plus signs and curly braces in directory and file names. This is now fixed, closing issue 1513_.

  • Unusual Unicode or control characters in source files could prevent reporting. This is now fixed, closing issue 1512_.

  • The PyPy wheel now installs on PyPy 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9, closing issue 1510_.

.. _issue 1510: .. _issue 1511: .. _issue 1512: .. _issue 1513:

.. _changes_7-0-0:


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Nothing new beyond 7.0.0b1.

.. _changes_7-0-0b1:


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