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Bring Alembic Migrations to `live`

Kevin Morris requested to merge kevr/aurweb:live into live

Notably, we have two new migrations:

  • 56e2ce8e2ffa (head), utf8mb4 charset and collation
  • ef39fcd6e1cd, Add SSO account ID in table Users

The first, ef39fcd6e1cd, is a column in the Users table that was previously setup in preparation for SSO. This has become a part of our pu branch and is intended to be left permanently, as we will be approaching SSO within several months. The second, and most important for the live branch is 56e2ce8e2ffa, a modification of table charset and collation to allow for case sensitive values in the OfficialProviders table (Sessions and SSHPubKeys have been included as well, as we want to treat each key as unique, including their different cases).

This MR also fixes an aurweb.db bug regarding production of the SQLAlchemy URL.

Edited by Kevin Morris

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