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chore(deps): update dependency coverage to v7.2.3 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/coverage-7.x-lockfile into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
coverage 7.2.1 -> 7.2.3 age adoption passing confidence

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  • Fix: the :ref:config_run_sigterm setting was meant to capture data if a process was terminated with a SIGTERM signal, but it didn't always. This was fixed thanks to Lewis Gaul <pull 1600_>*, closing issue 1599*.

  • Performance: HTML reports with context information are now much more compact. File sizes are typically as small as one-third the previous size, but can be dramatically smaller. This closes issue 1584_ thanks to Oleh Krehel <pull 1587_>_.

  • Development dependencies no longer use hashed pins, closing issue 1592_.

.. _issue 1584: .. _pull 1587: .. _issue 1592: .. _issue 1599: .. _pull 1600:

.. _changes_7-2-2:


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  • Fix: if a virtualenv was created inside a source directory, and a sourced package was installed inside the virtualenv, then all of the third-party packages inside the virtualenv would be measured. This was incorrect, but has now been fixed: only the specified packages will be measured, thanks to Manuel Jacob <pull 1560_>_.

  • Fix: the coverage lcov command could create a .lcov file with incorrect LF (lines found) and LH (lines hit) totals. This is now fixed, thanks to Ian Moore <pull 1583_>_.

  • Fix: the coverage xml command on Windows could create a .xml file with duplicate <package> elements. This is now fixed, thanks to Benjamin Parzella <pull 1574_>*, closing issue 1573*.

.. _pull 1560: .. _issue 1573: .. _pull 1574: .. _pull 1583:

.. _changes_7-2-1:


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