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fix(deps): update dependency httpx to ^0.24.0 - autoclosed

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httpx (changelog) ^0.23.3 -> ^0.24.0 age adoption passing confidence

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  • The logging behaviour has been changed to be more in-line with other standard Python logging usages. We no longer have a custom TRACE log level, and we no longer use the HTTPX_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to auto-configure logging. We now have a significant amount of DEBUG logging available at the network level. Full documentation is available at (#​2547, encode/httpcore#​648)
  • The Response.iter_lines() method now matches the stdlib behaviour and does not include the newline characters. It also resolves a performance issue. (#​2423)
  • Query parameter encoding switches from using + for spaces and %2F for forward slash, to instead using %20 for spaces and treating forward slash as a safe, unescaped character. This differs from requests, but is in line with browser behavior in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Both options are RFC valid. (#​2543)
  • NetRC authentication is no longer automatically handled, but is instead supported by an explicit httpx.NetRCAuth() authentication class. See the documentation at (#​2525)
  • The rfc3986 dependancy has been removed. (#​2252)


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