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fix(deps): update dependency prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator to v6 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator-6.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator ^5.11.1 -> ^6.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

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Small release with a small breaking change leading to an increase of the major version according to semantic versioning.

Breaking change only affects users that have custom instrumentations that access info.response.body, a feature introduced with 5.10.0 few weeks ago. See below for more information.

Ask or discuss anything quick about the release in the discussion #​239.

  • BREAKING: Disabled passing response body to instrumentation functions. Moved behind whitelist that is empty by default. Changes a feature introduced with 5.10.0. Only affects users that have custom instrumentations that access info.response.body.

    Opt-in via new parameter body_handlers added to instrumentator constructor. Parameter takes list of pattern strings to match handlers. For old behavior, pass argument [r".*"] to match all handlers:

    instrumentator = Instrumentator(body_handlers=[r".*"])

    Motivation for change: Collecting body negatively impacts performance of responses with largish body.

    Thanks to @​bbeattie-phxlabs for raising this issue in #​234 and implementing it in #​233 / #​238.


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