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fix: update repo information with aurblup script / git packaging repo changes

Mario Oenning requested to merge moson/aurweb:aurblup-update-repo into master

Currently, the Repo column in OfficialProviders is not updated when a package is moved from one repository to another.

Note that we only save a package/provides combination once, hence if a package is available in f.e. core and testing at the same time, it would only put just one record into the OfficialProviders table.

Now, we iterate through the repos one by one and the last value is kept for mapping a (package/provides) combination to a repo.
Due to that, the repos listed in the sync-dbs config setting should be ordered such that the "testing" repos are listed first.

For example we have mypkg in core and core-testing at the same time -> We'd want to store core as repo, not core-testing...

The sync-dbs list in the default config file is adapted for the repo-changes that will be introduced with the git migration.

Signed-off-by: moson-mo

Edited by Mario Oenning

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