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fix(deps): update all non-major dependencies

renovate requested to merge renovate/all-minor-patch into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
Authlib (source) 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 age adoption passing confidence
SQLAlchemy (changelog) 1.4.48 -> 1.4.49 age adoption passing confidence
Werkzeug (changelog) 2.3.4 -> 2.3.6 age adoption passing confidence
asgiref (changelog) 3.7.1 -> 3.7.2 age adoption passing confidence
coverage 7.2.6 -> 7.2.7 age adoption passing confidence
email-validator 2.0.0.post2 -> 2.0.0 age adoption passing confidence
fakeredis 2.13.0 -> 2.16.0 age adoption passing confidence
filelock 3.12.0 -> 3.12.2 age adoption passing confidence
lxml (source, changelog) 4.9.2 -> 4.9.3 age adoption passing confidence
mysqlclient 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0 age adoption passing confidence
orjson (changelog) 3.8.14 -> 3.9.2 age adoption passing confidence
protobuf 4.23.2 -> 4.23.4 age adoption passing confidence
pygit2 (changelog) 1.12.1 -> 1.12.2 age adoption passing confidence
pytest (source, changelog) 7.3.1 -> 7.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
redis (changelog) 4.5.5 -> 4.6.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

lepture/authlib (Authlib)


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django/asgiref (asgiref)


  • The type annotations for SyncToAsync and AsyncToSync have been changed to more accurately reflect the kind of callables they return.
nedbat/coveragepy (coverage)


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  • Fix: reverted a change from 6.4.3 <pull 1347_>_ that helped Cython, but also increased the size of data files when using dynamic contexts, as described in the now-fixed issue 1586*. The problem is now avoided due to a recent change (issue 1538*). Thanks to Anders Kaseorg <pull 1629_>_ and David Szotten for persisting with problem reports and detailed diagnoses.

  • Wheels are now provided for CPython 3.12.

.. _issue 1586: .. _pull 1629:

.. _changes_7-2-6:

JoshData/python-email-validator (email-validator)


This is a major update to the library, but since email address specs haven't changed there should be no significant changes to which email addresses are considered valid or invalid with default options. There are new options for accepting unusual email addresses that were previously always rejected, some changes to how DNS errors are handled, many changes in error message text, and major internal improvements including the addition of type annotations. Python 3.7+ is now required. Details follow:

  • Python 2.x and 3.x versions through 3.6, and dnspython 1.x, are no longer supported. Python 3.7+ with dnspython 2.x are now required.
  • The dnspython package is no longer required if DNS checks are not used, although it will install automatically.
  • NoNameservers and NXDOMAIN DNS errors are now handled differently: NoNameservers no longer fails validation, and NXDOMAIN now skips checking for an A/AAAA fallback and goes straight to failing validation.
  • Some syntax error messages have changed because they are now checked explicitly rather than as a part of other checks.
  • The quoted-string local part syntax (e.g. multiple @​-signs, spaces, etc. if surrounded by quotes) and domain-literal addresses (e.g. @​[192.XXX...] or @​[IPv6:...]) are now parsed but not considered valid by default. Better error messages are now given for these addresses since it can be confusing for a technically valid address to be rejected, and new allow_quoted_local and allow_domain_literal options are added to allow these addresses if you really need them.
  • Some other error messages have changed to not repeat the email address in the error message.
  • The email field on the returned ValidatedEmail object has been renamed to normalized to be clearer about its importance, but access via .email is also still supported.
  • Some mailbox names like postmaster are now normalized to lowercase per RFC 2142.
  • The library has been reorganized internally into smaller modules.
  • The tests have been reorganized and expanded. Deliverability tests now mostly use captured DNS responses so they can be run off-line.
  • The main tool now reads options to validate_email from environment variables.
  • Type annotations have been added to the exported methods and the ValidatedEmail class and some internal methods.
  • The old dict-like pattern for the return value of validate_email is deprecated.

Versions 2.0.0.post1 and 2.0.0.post2 corrected some packaging issues. 2.0.0.post2 also added a check for an invalid combination of arguments.

cunla/fakeredis-py (fakeredis)

v2.16.0: 🌈

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🚀 Features
🧰 Bug Fixes
  • Add support for version for async FakeRedis #​205
🧰 Maintenance
  • Updated how to test django_rq #​204

Full Changelog:

v2.15.0: 🌈

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🚀 Features
🧰 Maintenance
  • Improved documentation.

Full Changelog:

v2.14.1: 🌈

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🧰 Bug Fixes
  • Fix the requirement for packaging.Version #​177

Full Changelog:

v2.14.0: 🌈

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🚀 Features
  • Implement HRANDFIELD #​156
  • Implement JSON.MSET
🧰 Maintenance
  • Improve streams code

Full Changelog:

tox-dev/py-filelock (filelock)


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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


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What's Changed

Full Changelog:

lxml/lxml (lxml)


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Bugs fixed

  • lxml.objectify accepted non-decimal numbers like ²²² as integers.

  • A memory leak in lxml.html.clean was resolved by switching to Cython 0.29.34+.

  • GH#348: URL checking in the HTML cleaner was improved. Patch by Tim McCormack.

  • GH#371, GH#373: Some regex strings were changed to raw strings to fix Python warnings. Patches by Jakub Wilk and Anthony Sottile.

Other changes

  • Wheels include zlib 1.2.13, libxml2 2.10.3 and libxslt 1.1.38 (zlib 1.2.12, libxml2 2.10.3 and libxslt 1.1.37 on Windows).

  • Built with Cython 0.29.36 to adapt to changes in Python 3.12.

PyMySQL/mysqlclient (mysqlclient)


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What's Changed

mysqlclient uses pkg-config since v2.2. You need to configure pkg-config, or manually set envvars. READ the manual

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

ijl/orjson (orjson)


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  • Fix the __cause__ exception on orjson.JSONEncodeError possibly being denormalized, i.e., of type str instead of Exception.


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  • Fix memory leak on chained tracebacks of exceptions raised in default. This was introduced in 3.8.12.


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  • orjson.Fragment includes already-serialized JSON in a document.
libgit2/pygit2 (pygit2)


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  • Update wheels to bundle libssh2 1.11.0 and OpenSSL 3.0.9

  • Remove obsolete #&#8203;1219 <>_

pytest-dev/pytest (pytest)


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pytest 7.4.0 (2023-06-23)


  • #​10901: Added ExceptionInfo.from_exception() <pytest.ExceptionInfo.from_exception>{.interpreted-text role="func"}, a simpler way to create an ~pytest.ExceptionInfo{.interpreted-text role="class"} from an exception. This can replace ExceptionInfo.from_exc_info() <pytest.ExceptionInfo.from_exc_info()>{.interpreted-text role="func"} for most uses.


  • #​10872: Update test log report annotation to named tuple and fixed inconsistency in docs for pytest_report_teststatus{.interpreted-text role="hook"} hook.

  • #​10907: When an exception traceback to be displayed is completely filtered out (by mechanisms such as __tracebackhide__, internal frames, and similar), now only the exception string and the following message are shown:

    "All traceback entries are hidden. Pass [--full-trace]{.title-ref} to see hidden and internal frames.".

    Previously, the last frame of the traceback was shown, even though it was hidden.

  • #​10940: Improved verbose output (-vv) of skip and xfail reasons by performing text wrapping while leaving a clear margin for progress output.

    Added TerminalReporter.wrap_write() as a helper for that.

  • #​10991: Added handling of %f directive to print microseconds in log format options, such as log-date-format.

  • #​11005: Added the underlying exception to the cache provider's path creation and write warning messages.

  • #​11013: Added warning when testpaths{.interpreted-text role="confval"} is set, but paths are not found by glob. In this case, pytest will fall back to searching from the current directory.

  • #​11043: When [--confcutdir]{.title-ref} is not specified, and there is no config file present, the conftest cutoff directory ([--confcutdir]{.title-ref}) is now set to the rootdir <rootdir>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}. Previously in such cases, []{.title-ref} files would be probed all the way to the root directory of the filesystem. If you are badly affected by this change, consider adding an empty config file to your desired cutoff directory, or explicitly set [--confcutdir]{.title-ref}.

  • #​11081: The norecursedirs{.interpreted-text role="confval"} check is now performed in a pytest_ignore_collect{.interpreted-text role="hook"} implementation, so plugins can affect it.

    If after updating to this version you see that your [norecursedirs]{.title-ref} setting is not being respected, it means that a conftest or a plugin you use has a bad [pytest_ignore_collect]{.title-ref} implementation. Most likely, your hook returns [False]{.title-ref} for paths it does not want to ignore, which ends the processing and doesn't allow other plugins, including pytest itself, to ignore the path. The fix is to return [None]{.title-ref} instead of [False]{.title-ref} for paths your hook doesn't want to ignore.

  • #​8711: caplog.set_level() <pytest.LogCaptureFixture.set_level>{.interpreted-text role="func"} and caplog.at_level() <pytest.LogCaptureFixture.at_level>{.interpreted-text role="func"} will temporarily enable the requested level if level was disabled globally via logging.disable(LEVEL).

Bug Fixes

  • #​10831: Terminal Reporting: Fixed bug when running in --tb=line mode where tests report None.
  • #​11068: Fixed the --last-failed whole-file skipping functionality ("skipped N files") for non-python test files <non-python tests>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.
  • #​11104: Fixed a regression in pytest 7.3.2 which caused to testpaths{.interpreted-text role="confval"} to be considered for loading initial conftests, even when it was not utilized (e.g. when explicit paths were given on the command line). Now the testpaths are only considered when they are in use.
  • #​1904: Fixed traceback entries hidden with __tracebackhide__ = True still being shown for chained exceptions (parts after "... the above exception ..." message).
  • #​7781: Fix writing non-encodable text to log file when using --debug.

Improved Documentation

  • #​9146: Improved documentation for caplog.set_level() <pytest.LogCaptureFixture.set_level>{.interpreted-text role="func"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #​11031: Enhanced the CLI flag for -c to now include --config-file to make it clear that this flag applies to the usage of a custom config file.


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pytest 7.3.2 (2023-06-10)

Bug Fixes

  • #​10169: Fix bug where very long option names could cause pytest to break with OSError: [Errno 36] File name too long on some systems.
  • #​10894: Support for Python 3.12 (beta at the time of writing).
  • #​10987: testpaths{.interpreted-text role="confval"} is now honored to load root conftests.
  • #​10999: The [monkeypatch]{.title-ref} [setitem]{.title-ref}/[delitem]{.title-ref} type annotations now allow [TypedDict]{.title-ref} arguments.
  • #​11028: Fixed bug in assertion rewriting where a variable assigned with the walrus operator could not be used later in a function call.
  • #​11054: Fixed --last-failed's "(skipped N files)" functionality for files inside of packages (directories with []{.title-ref} files).
redis/redis-py (redis)

v4.6.0: 4.6.0

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🧪 Experimental Features

🚀 New Features

  • Extract abstract async connection class (#​2734)
  • Add support for WAITAOF (#​2760)
  • Introduce OutOfMemoryError exception for Redis write command rejections due to OOM errors (#​2778)
  • Add WITHSCORE argument to ZRANK (#​2758)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix dead weakref in sentinel connection causing ReferenceError (#​2767) (#​2771)
  • Fix Key Error in parse_xinfo_stream (#​2788)
  • Remove unnecessary __del__ handlers (#​2755)
  • Added support for missing argument to SentinelManagedConnection.read_response() (#​2756)

🧰 Maintenance

  • Fix type hint for retry_on_error in async cluster (#​2804)
  • Clean up documents and fix some redirects (#​2801)
  • Add unit tests for the connect method of all Redis connection classes (#​2631)
  • Docstring formatting fix (#​2796)


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

@​Smit-Parmar, @​TheKevJames, @​aciddust, @​bmacphee, @​bodevone, @​dvora-h, @​kristjanvalur, @​shacharPash, @​shahar-lev, @​vmihailenco and @​woutdenolf


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