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fix(deps): update dependency fastapi to ^0.100.0

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tiangolo/fastapi (fastapi)


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Support for Pydantic v2

Pydantic version 2 has the core re-written in Rust and includes a lot of improvements and features, for example:

  • Improved correctness in corner cases.
  • Safer types.
  • Better performance and less energy consumption.
  • Better extensibility.
  • etc.

...all this while keeping the same Python API. In most of the cases, for simple models, you can simply upgrade the Pydantic version and get all the benefits. 🚀

In some cases, for pure data validation and processing, you can get performance improvements of 20x or more. This means 2,000% or more. 🤯

When you use FastAPI, there's a lot more going on, processing the request and response, handling dependencies, executing your own code, and particularly, waiting for the network. But you will probably still get some nice performance improvements just from the upgrade.

The focus of this release is compatibility with Pydantic v1 and v2, to make sure your current apps keep working. Later there will be more focus on refactors, correctness, code improvements, and then performance improvements. Some third-party early beta testers that ran benchmarks on the beta releases of FastAPI reported improvements of 2x - 3x. Which is not bad for just doing pip install --upgrade fastapi pydantic. This was not an official benchmark and I didn't check it myself, but it's a good sign.


Check out the Pydantic migration guide.

For the things that need changes in your Pydantic models, the Pydantic team built bump-pydantic.

A command line tool that will process your code and update most of the things automatically for you. Make sure you have your code in git first, and review each of the changes to make sure everything is correct before committing the changes.

Pydantic v1

This version of FastAPI still supports Pydantic v1. And although Pydantic v1 will be deprecated at some point, ti will still be supported for a while.

This means that you can install the new Pydantic v2, and if something fails, you can install Pydantic v1 while you fix any problems you might have, but having the latest FastAPI.

There are tests for both Pydantic v1 and v2, and test coverage is kept at 100%.

  • There are new parameter fields supported by Pydantic Field() for:

    • Path()
    • Query()
    • Header()
    • Cookie()
    • Body()
    • Form()
    • File()
  • The new parameter fields are:

    • default_factory
    • alias_priority
    • validation_alias
    • serialization_alias
    • discriminator
    • strict
    • multiple_of
    • allow_inf_nan
    • max_digits
    • decimal_places
    • json_schema_extra can read about them in the Pydantic docs.

  • The parameter regex has been deprecated and replaced by pattern.

  • New Pydantic models use an improved and simplified attribute model_config that takes a simple dict instead of an internal class Config for their configuration.

  • The attribute schema_extra for the internal class Config has been replaced by the key json_schema_extra in the new model_config dict.

  • When you install "fastapi[all]" it now also includes:

  • Now Pydantic Settings is an additional optional package (included in "fastapi[all]"). To use settings you should now import from pydantic_settings import BaseSettings instead of importing from pydantic directly.

  • MR #​9816 by @​tiangolo, included all the work done (in multiple MRs) on the beta branch (main-pv2).


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  • 🐛 Fix JSON Schema accepting bools as valid JSON Schemas, e.g. additionalProperties: false. MR #​9781 by @​tiangolo.


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Note: this is the last release before supporting Pydantic v2. You can try out the beta with support for Pydantic v2 now, a new beta supporting Pydantic v2 with these same changes from this release will be available in the next hours/days. And the final version (0.100.0) with support for Pydantic v2 will be released in the next days (next week).

Now, back to this release (this one doesn't include the beta support for Pydantic v2).

This release has OpenAPI 3.1.0 🎉

  • Add support for OpenAPI 3.1.0. MR #​9770 by @​tiangolo.

    • New support for documenting webhooks, read the new docs here: Advanced User Guide: OpenAPI Webhooks.
    • Upgrade OpenAPI 3.1.0, this uses JSON Schema 2020-12.
    • Upgrade Swagger UI to version 5.x.x, that supports OpenAPI 3.1.0.
    • Updated examples field in Query(), Cookie(), Body(), etc. based on the latest JSON Schema and OpenAPI. Now it takes a list of examples and they are included directly in the JSON Schema, not outside. Read more about it (including the historical technical details) in the updated docs: Tutorial: Declare Request Example Data.
  • Add support for deque objects and children in jsonable_encoder. MR #​9433 by @​cranium.



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Note: please also help me try out the beta with support for Pydantic v2:

Now, back to this release (this one doesn't include the beta support for Pydantic v2).



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  • ️ Upgrade and fully migrate to Ruff, remove isort, includes a couple of tweaks suggested by the new version of Ruff. MR #​9660 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Update internal type annotations and upgrade mypy. MR #​9658 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Simplify AsyncExitStackMiddleware as without Python 3.6 AsyncExitStack is always available. MR #​9657 by @​tiangolo.
  • 💚 Update CI cache to fix installs when dependencies change. MR #​9659 by @​tiangolo.
  • ️ Separate requirements for development into their own requirements.txt files, they shouldn't be extras. MR #​9655 by @​tiangolo.


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  • 📌 Update minimum version of Pydantic to >=1.7.4. This fixes an issue when trying to use an old version of Pydantic. MR #​9567 by @​Kludex.
  • Remove media_type from ORJSONResponse as it's inherited from the parent class. MR #​5805 by @​Kludex.
  • Instantiate HTTPException only when needed, optimization refactor. MR #​5356 by @​pawamoy.
  • 🔥 Remove link to Pydantic's benchmark, as it was removed there. MR #​5811 by @​Kludex.
  • 🌐 Fix spelling in Indonesian translation of docs/id/docs/tutorial/ MR #​5635 by @​purwowd.
  • 🌐 Add Russian translation for docs/ru/docs/tutorial/ MR #​5896 by @​Wilidon.
  • 🌐 Add Chinese translations for docs/zh/docs/advanced/ and docs/zh/docs/advanced/ MR #​9544 by @​ChoyeonChern.
  • 🌐 Add Russian translation for docs/ru/docs/tutorial/ MR #​9621 by @​Alexandrhub.


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  • Update create_cloned_field to use a global cache and improve startup performance. MR #​4645 by @​madkinsz and previous original MR by @​huonw.


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