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fix(deps): update all non-major dependencies

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
Hypercorn 0.14.3 -> 0.14.4 age adoption passing confidence
email-validator 2.0.0.post2 -> 2.0.0 age adoption passing confidence
prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator 6.0.0 -> 6.1.0 age adoption passing confidence
pytest-asyncio (changelog) 0.21.0 -> 0.21.1 age adoption passing confidence
pytest-tap 3.3 -> 3.4 age adoption passing confidence
uvicorn (changelog) ^0.22.0 -> ^0.23.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

pgjones/hypercorn (Hypercorn)


Compare Source

  • Bugfix Use tomllib/tomli for .toml support replacing the unmaintained toml library.
  • Bugfix server hanging on startup failure.
  • Bugfix close websocket with 1011 on internal error (1006 is a client-only code).
  • Bugfix support trio > 0.22 utilising exception groups (note trio <= 0.22 is not supported).
  • Bugfix except ConnectionAbortedError which can be raised on Windows machines.
  • Bugfix ensure that closed is sent on reading end.
  • Bugfix handle read_timeout exception on trio.
  • Support and test against Python 3.11.
  • Add explanation of PicklingErrors.
  • Add config option to pass raw h11 headers.
JoshData/python-email-validator (email-validator)


This is a major update to the library, but since email address specs haven't changed there should be no significant changes to which email addresses are considered valid or invalid with default options. There are new options for accepting unusual email addresses that were previously always rejected, some changes to how DNS errors are handled, many changes in error message text, and major internal improvements including the addition of type annotations. Python 3.7+ is now required. Details follow:

  • Python 2.x and 3.x versions through 3.6, and dnspython 1.x, are no longer supported. Python 3.7+ with dnspython 2.x are now required.
  • The dnspython package is no longer required if DNS checks are not used, although it will install automatically.
  • NoNameservers and NXDOMAIN DNS errors are now handled differently: NoNameservers no longer fails validation, and NXDOMAIN now skips checking for an A/AAAA fallback and goes straight to failing validation.
  • Some syntax error messages have changed because they are now checked explicitly rather than as a part of other checks.
  • The quoted-string local part syntax (e.g. multiple @​-signs, spaces, etc. if surrounded by quotes) and domain-literal addresses (e.g. @​[192.XXX...] or @​[IPv6:...]) are now parsed but not considered valid by default. Better error messages are now given for these addresses since it can be confusing for a technically valid address to be rejected, and new allow_quoted_local and allow_domain_literal options are added to allow these addresses if you really need them.
  • Some other error messages have changed to not repeat the email address in the error message.
  • The email field on the returned ValidatedEmail object has been renamed to normalized to be clearer about its importance, but access via .email is also still supported.
  • Some mailbox names like postmaster are now normalized to lowercase per RFC 2142.
  • The library has been reorganized internally into smaller modules.
  • The tests have been reorganized and expanded. Deliverability tests now mostly use captured DNS responses so they can be run off-line.
  • The main tool now reads options to validate_email from environment variables.
  • Type annotations have been added to the exported methods and the ValidatedEmail class and some internal methods.
  • The old dict-like pattern for the return value of validate_email is deprecated.

Versions 2.0.0.post1 and 2.0.0.post2 corrected some packaging issues. 2.0.0.post2 also added a check for an invalid combination of arguments.

trallnag/prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator (prometheus-fastapi-instrumentator)


Compare Source

  • Added label method to metric http_request_duration_seconds from default metrics. Thanks to @​alcidesmig for implementing this in #​251.
pytest-dev/pytest-asyncio (pytest-asyncio)

v0.21.1: pytest-asyncio 0.21.1

Compare Source

0.21.1 (2023-07-12)

  • Output a proper error message when an invalid asyncio_mode is selected.
  • Extend warning message about unclosed event loops with additional possible cause. #​531
  • Previously, some tests reported "skipped" or "xfailed" as a result. Now all tests report a "success" result.
encode/uvicorn (uvicorn)


Compare Source

  • Add --ws-max-queue parameter WebSockets (#​2033) 10/07/23
  • Drop support for Python 3.7 (#​1996) 19/06/23
  • Remove asgiref as typing dependency (#​1999) 08/06/23
  • Set scope["scheme"] to ws or wss instead of http or https on ProxyHeadersMiddleware for WebSockets (#​2043) 12/07/23
  • Raise ImportError on circular import (#​2040) 09/07/23
  • Use logger.getEffectiveLevel() instead of logger.level to check if log level is TRACE (#​1966) 01/06/23


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