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fix(deps): update dependency redis to v5 - autoclosed

renovate requested to merge renovate/redis-5.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
redis (changelog) ^4.5.4 -> ^5.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

redis/redis-py (redis)

v5.0.0: 5.0.0

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What's new?

Triggers and Functions support

Triggers and Functions allow you to execute server-side functions triggered when key values are modified or created in Redis, a stream entry arrival, or explicitly calling them. Simply put, you can replace Lua scripts with easy-to-develop JavaScript or TypeScript code. Move your business logic closer to the data to ensure a lower latency, and forget about updating dependent key values manually in your code. Try it for yourself with Quick start

Full Redis 7.2 and RESP3 support
Python 3.7 End-of-Life

Python 3.7 has reached its end-of-life (EOL) as of June 2023. This means that starting from this date, Python 3.7 will no longer receive any updates, including security patches, bug fixes, or improvements. If you continue to use Python 3.7 post-EOL, you may expose your projects and systems to potential security vulnerabilities. We ended its support in this version and strongly recommend migrating to Python 3.10.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix timeout retrying on pipeline execution (#​2812)
  • Fix socket garbage collection (#​2859)

🧰 Maintenance

  • Updating client license to clear, MIT (#​2884)
  • Add py.typed in accordance with PEP-561 (#​2738)
  • Dependabot label change (#​2880)
  • Fix type hints in SearchCommands (#​2817)
  • Add sync modules (except search) tests to cluster CI (#​2850)
  • Fix a duplicate word in (#​2848)
  • Fixing doc builds (#​2869)
  • Change cluster docker to edge and enable debug command (#​2853)


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

@​JoanFM, @​Ovsyanka83, @​chayim, @​dependabot, @​dependabot[bot], @​dvora-h, @​kristjanvalur, @​kurtmckee, @​pall-j and @​shacharPash


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