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fix(deps): update all non-major dependencies

renovate requested to merge renovate/all-minor-patch into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
Authlib 1.2.1 -> 1.3.0 age adoption passing confidence
Hypercorn ^0.15.0 -> ^0.16.0 age adoption passing confidence
Jinja2 (changelog) 3.1.2 -> 3.1.3 age adoption passing confidence
Markdown (changelog) 3.5.1 -> 3.5.2 age adoption passing confidence
SQLAlchemy (changelog) 1.4.50 -> 1.4.51 age adoption passing confidence
alembic (source, changelog) 1.12.1 -> 1.13.1 age adoption passing confidence
bcrypt 4.0.1 -> 4.1.2 age adoption passing confidence
coverage 7.3.2 -> 7.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
fakeredis 2.20.0 -> 2.20.1 age adoption passing confidence
httpx (changelog) ^0.25.0 -> ^0.26.0 age adoption passing confidence
mysqlclient 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1 age adoption passing confidence
orjson (changelog) 3.9.10 -> 3.9.12 age adoption passing confidence
protobuf 4.25.1 -> 4.25.2 age adoption passing confidence
pytest (source, changelog) 7.4.3 -> 7.4.4 age adoption passing confidence
pytest-asyncio (changelog) ^0.21.0 -> ^0.23.0 age adoption passing confidence
uvicorn (changelog) ^0.24.0 -> ^0.27.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

lepture/authlib (Authlib)

v1.3.0: Version 1.3.0

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Bug fixes

Breaking changes

pgjones/hypercorn (Hypercorn)


Compare Source

  • Add a max keep alive requests configuration option, this mitigates the HTTP/2 rapid reset attack.
  • Return subprocess exit code if non-zero.
  • Add ProxyFix middleware to make it easier to run Hypercorn behind a proxy.
  • Support restarting workers after max requests to make it easier to manage memory leaks in apps.
  • Bugfix ensure the idle task is stopped on error.
  • Bugfix revert autoreload error because reausing old sockets.
  • Bugfix send the hinted error from h11 on RemoteProtocolErrors.
  • Bugfix handle asyncio.CancelledError when socket is closed without flushing.
  • Bugfix improve WSGI compliance by closing iterators, only sending headers on first response byte, erroring if start_response is not called, and switching wsgi.errors to stdout.
  • Don't error on LocalProtoclErrors for ws streams to better cope with race conditions.
Python-Markdown/markdown (Markdown)


Compare Source

  • Fix type annotations for convertFile - it accepts only bytes-based buffers. Also remove legacy checks from Python 2 (#​1400)
  • Remove legacy import needed only in Python 2 (#​1403)
  • Fix typo that left the attribute AdmonitionProcessor.content_indent unset (#​1404)
  • Fix edge-case crash in InlineProcessor with AtomicString (#​1406).
  • Fix edge-case crash in codehilite with an empty code tag (#​1405).
  • Improve and expand type annotations in the code base (#​1401).
  • Fix handling of bogus comments (#​1425).
nedbat/coveragepy (coverage)


Compare Source

  • In Python 3.12 and above, you can try an experimental core based on the new :mod:sys.monitoring <python:sys.monitoring> module by defining a COVERAGE_CORE=sysmon environment variable. This should be faster for line coverage, but not for branch coverage, and plugins and dynamic contexts are not yet supported with it. I am very interested to hear how it works (or doesn't!) for you.

.. _changes_7-3-4:


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  • Fix: the change for multi-line signature exclusions in 7.3.3 broke other forms of nested clauses being excluded properly. This is now fixed, closing issue 1713_.

  • Fix: in the HTML report, selecting code for copying won't select the line numbers also. Thanks, Robert Harris <pull 1717_>_.

.. _issue 1713: .. _pull 1717:

.. _changes_7-3-3:


Compare Source

  • Fix: function definitions with multi-line signatures can now be excluded by matching any of the lines, closing issue 684*. Thanks, Jan Rusak, Maciej Kowalczyk and Joanna Ejzel <pull 1705_>*.

  • Fix: XML reports could fail with a TypeError if files had numeric components that were duplicates except for leading zeroes, like and Fixes issue 1709_.

  • The coverage annotate command used to announce that it would be removed in a future version. Enough people got in touch to say that they use it, so it will stay. Don't expect it to keep up with other new features though.

  • Added new :ref:debug options <cmd_run_debug>:

    • pytest writes the pytest test name into the debug output.

    • dataop2 writes the full data being added to CoverageData objects.

.. _issue 684: .. _pull 1705: .. _issue 1709:

.. _changes_7-3-2:

cunla/fakeredis-py (fakeredis)

v2.20.1: 🌈

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🐛 Bug Fixes
🧰 Maintenance
  • Testing for python 3.12
  • Dependencies update

Full Changelog:

encode/httpx (httpx)


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  • The proxy argument was added. You should use the proxy argument instead of the deprecated proxies, or use mounts= for more complex configurations. (#​2879)
  • The proxies argument is now deprecated. It will still continue to work, but it will be removed in the future. (#​2879)
  • Fix cases of double escaping of URL path components. Allow / as a safe character in the query portion. (#​2990)
  • Handle NO_PROXY envvar cases when a fully qualified URL is supplied as the value. (#​2741)
  • Allow URLs where username or password contains unescaped '@​'. (#​2986)
  • Ensure ASGI raw_path does not include URL query component. (#​2999)
  • Ensure Response.iter_text() cannot yield empty strings. (#​2998)
PyMySQL/mysqlclient (mysqlclient)


Compare Source

What's Changed

  • avoid using MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT option until reconnect=True is specified. MySQL 8.0.33 start showing warning when the option is used. (#​664)
  • Windows: Update MariaDB Connector/C to 3.3.8. (#​665)
  • Windows: Build wheels for Python 3.12 (#​644)
Merged pull requests

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

ijl/orjson (orjson)


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  • Update benchmarks in README.
  • Minimal musllinux_1_1 build due to sporadic CI failure.


Compare Source

  • Improve performance of serializing. str is significantly faster. Documents using dict, list, and tuple are somewhat faster.
pytest-dev/pytest (pytest)

v7.4.4: pytest 7.4.4 (2023-12-31)

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Bug Fixes

  • #​11140: Fix non-string constants at the top of file being detected as docstrings on Python>=3.8.
  • #​11572: Handle an edge case where sys.stderr{.interpreted-text role="data"} and sys.__stderr__{.interpreted-text role="data"} might already be closed when faulthandler{.interpreted-text role="ref"} is tearing down.
  • #​11710: Fixed tracebacks from collection errors not getting pruned.
  • #​7966: Removed unhelpful error message from assertion rewrite mechanism when exceptions are raised in __iter__ methods. Now they are treated un-iterable instead.

Improved Documentation

  • #​11091: Updated documentation to refer to hyphenated options: replaced --junitxml with --junit-xml and --collectonly with --collect-only.
pytest-dev/pytest-asyncio (pytest-asyncio)

v0.23.3: pytest-asyncio 0.23.3

Compare Source

0.23.3 (2024-01-01)

  • Fixes a bug that caused event loops to be closed prematurely when using async generator fixtures with class scope or wider in a function-scoped test #​706
  • Fixes various bugs that caused an internal pytest error during test collection #​711 #​713 #​719

Known issues

As of v0.23, pytest-asyncio attaches an asyncio event loop to each item of the test suite (i.e. session, packages, modules, classes, functions) and allows tests to be run in those loops when marked accordingly. Pytest-asyncio currently assumes that async fixture scope is correlated with the new event loop scope. This prevents fixtures from being evaluated independently from the event loop scope and breaks some existing test suites (see #​706). For example, a test suite may require all fixtures and tests to run in the same event loop, but have async fixtures that are set up and torn down for each module. If you're affected by this issue, please continue using the v0.21 release, until it is resolved.

v0.23.2: pytest-asyncio 0.23.2

Compare Source

0.23.2 (2023-12-04)

  • Fixes a bug that caused an internal pytest error when collecting .txt files #​703

v0.23.1: pytest-asyncio 0.23.1

Compare Source

0.23.1 (2023-12-03)

  • Fixes a bug that caused an internal pytest error when using module-level skips #​701

v0.23.0: pytest-asyncio 0.23.0

Compare Source

This release is backwards-compatible with v0.21. Changes are non-breaking, unless you upgrade from v0.22.

  • BREAKING: The asyncio_event_loop mark has been removed. Event loops with class, module, package, and session scopes can be requested via the scope keyword argument to the asyncio mark.
  • Introduces the event_loop_policy fixture which allows testing with non-default or multiple event loops #​662
  • Introduces pytest_asyncio.is_async_test which returns whether a test item is managed by pytest-asyncio #​376
  • Removes and pytest-trio, mypy, and flaky from the test dependencies #​620, #​674, #​678

v0.22.0: pytest-asyncio 0.22.0 (yanked)

Compare Source

This release deprecated event loop overrides, but didn't provide adequate replacement functionality for all relevant use cases. As such, the release was yanked from PyPI.

0.22.0 (2023-10-31)

  • Class-scoped and module-scoped event loops can be requested via the asyncio_event_loop mark. #​620
  • Deprecate redefinition of the event_loop fixture. #​587 Users requiring a class-scoped or module-scoped asyncio event loop for their tests should mark the corresponding class or module with asyncio_event_loop.
  • Test items based on asynchronous generators always exit with xfail status and emit a warning during the collection phase. This behavior is consistent with synchronous yield tests. #​642
  • Remove support for Python 3.7
  • Declare support for Python 3.12
encode/uvicorn (uvicorn)


Compare Source

  • Raise ClientDisconnect(IOError) on send() when client disconnected (#​2218) 19/01/24
  • Bump ASGI WebSocket spec version to 2.4 (#​2221) 20/01/24


Compare Source

  • Update --root-path to include the root path prefix in the full ASGI path as per the ASGI spec (#​2213) 16/01/24
  • Use __future__.annotations on some internal modules (#​2199) 16/01/24


Compare Source

  • Support the WebSocket Denial Response ASGI extension (#​1916) 17/12/23
  • Allow explicit hidden file paths on --reload-include (#​2176) 08/12/23
  • Properly annotate (#​2158) 22/11/23


Compare Source

  • Revert mkdocs-material from 9.1.21 to 9.2.6 (#​2148) 05/11/23


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