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    Fixup quoting around variables, especially arrays · 5b4b19cd
    Luke Shumaker authored and Eli Schwartz's avatar Eli Schwartz committed
    Search for unquoted variables using the command:
        grep -Prn --exclude-dir=.git '(?<!["=]|\[\[ |\[\[ -[zn] )\$(?!{?#|\(|\? )'
    and ignore a bunch of false positives.
    You may verify that the only differences between the lines removed and
    lines added are double-quotes:
            diff -u \
              <(git show|sed -n 's/^-//p'|grep -v '^-- a/'|sed 's/"//g') \
              <(git show|sed -n 's/^+//p'|grep -v '^++ b/'|sed 's/"//g')