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    cronjobs/ftpdir-cleanup: Support DEBUGPKGPOOL · a8f8ee96
    Morten Linderud authored
    This implementation is probably the easiest one and/or cheap. After
    building a list of all packages in the repositories we filter the lists
    into two separate working lists. One for normal packages and one for
    debug packages.
    The only issue is that we can encounter globs with no matching cleanup
    lists, like when running ftpdir-cleanup after the debug package changes
    has been introduced, but before deploying new repositories. We guard
    against this by ensuring we have found debug packages, and normal
    packages, before checking the working lists.
    This introduces some duplicated code but should be fine. Rest of the
    logic is mirrored between the two package pools.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMorten Linderud <>