fix(deps): update all non-major dependencies

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
clap dependencies patch 4.4.3 -> 4.4.7
futures (source) dependencies patch 0.3.28 -> 0.3.29
indicatif dependencies patch 0.17.6 -> 0.17.7
rayon dependencies minor 1.7.0 -> 1.8.0
reqwest dependencies patch 0.11.20 -> 0.11.22
serde (source) dependencies patch 1.0.188 -> 1.0.190
thiserror dependencies patch 1.0.48 -> 1.0.50
tokio (source) dependencies minor 1.32.0 -> 1.33.0

Release Notes

clap-rs/clap (clap)


Compare Source

  • Reduced code size


Compare Source

  • Upgrade anstream


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  • (parser) When inferring subcommand name or long_flag, allow ambiguous-looking matches that unambiguously map back to the same command
  • (parser) When inferring subcommand long_flag, don't panic
  • (assert) Clarify what action is causing a positional that doesn't set values which is especially useful for derive users


Compare Source

  • Update terminal_size to 0.3
rust-lang/futures-rs (futures)


Compare Source

  • Add TryStreamExt::try_ready_chunks (#​2757)
  • Add TryStreamExt::{try_all,try_any} (#​2783)
  • Add UnboundedSender::{len,is_empty} (#​2750)
  • Fix Sync impl of FuturesUnordered (#​2788)
  • Fix infinite loop caused by invalid UTF-8 bytes (#​2785)
  • Fix build error with -Z minimal-versions (#​2761)
rayon-rs/rayon (rayon)


Compare Source

  • The minimum supported rustc is now 1.63.
  • Added ThreadPoolBuilder::use_current_thread to use the builder thread as part of the new thread pool. That thread does not run the pool's main loop, but it may participate in work-stealing if it yields to rayon in some way.
  • Implemented FromParallelIterator<T> for Box<[T]>, Rc<[T]>, and Arc<[T]>, as well as FromParallelIterator<Box<str>> and ParallelExtend<Box<str>> for String.
  • ThreadPoolBuilder::build_scoped now uses std::thread::scope.
  • The default number of threads is now determined using std::thread::available_parallelism instead of the num_cpus crate.
  • The internal logging facility has been removed, reducing bloat for all users.
  • Many smaller performance tweaks and documentation updates.
seanmonstar/reqwest (reqwest)


Compare Source

  • Fix compilation on Windows when trust-dns is enabled.


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  • Add automatically detecting macOS proxy settings.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_info(bool), which will put tls::TlsInfo into the response extensions.
  • Fix trust-dns resolver from possible hangs.
  • Fix connect timeout to be split among multiple IP addresses.
serde-rs/serde (serde)


Compare Source

  • Preserve NaN sign when deserializing f32 from f64 or vice versa (#​2637)


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  • Fix "cannot infer type" error when internally tagged enum contains untagged variant (#​2613, thanks @​ahl)
dtolnay/thiserror (thiserror)


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  • Improve diagnostic when a #[source], #[from], or #[transparant] attribute refers to a type that has no std::error::Error impl (#​258, thanks @​de-vri-es)


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tokio-rs/tokio (tokio)

v1.33.0: Tokio v1.33.0

Compare Source

1.33.0 (October 9, 2023)

  • io: mark Interest::add with #[must_use] (#​6037)
  • runtime: fix cache line size for RISC-V (#​5994)
  • sync: prevent lock poisoning in watch::Receiver::wait_for (#​6021)
  • task: fix spawn_local source location (#​5984)
  • sync: use Acquire/Release orderings instead of SeqCst in watch (#​6018)
  • fs: add vectored writes to tokio::fs::File (#​5958)
  • io: add Interest::remove method (#​5906)
  • io: add vectored writes to DuplexStream (#​5985)
  • net: add Apple tvOS support (#​6045)
  • sync: add ?Sized bound to {MutexGuard,OwnedMutexGuard}::map (#​5997)
  • sync: add watch::Receiver::mark_unseen (#​5962, #​6014, #​6017)
  • sync: add watch::Sender::new (#​5998)
  • sync: add const fn OnceCell::from_value (#​5903)
  • remove unused stats feature (#​5952)
  • taskdump: fix potential deadlock (#​6036)


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