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fix(deps): update all non-major dependencies

renovate requested to merge renovate/all-minor-patch into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
anyhow dependencies patch 1.0.82 -> 1.0.86
prometheus dependencies patch 0.13.3 -> 0.13.4
serde (source) dependencies patch 1.0.198 -> 1.0.202
thiserror dependencies patch 1.0.59 -> 1.0.61

Release Notes

dtolnay/anyhow (anyhow)


Compare Source

  • Fix parse error in ensure! with non-literal after minus sign (#​373)


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  • Improve ensure! macro's rules to unblock some rustc pretty-printer improvements (#​368, #​371)


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  • Disallow calling ensure! through a Not impl for a type that is not bool (#​367)


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  • Integrate compile-time checking of cfgs (#​363)
tikv/rust-prometheus (prometheus)


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  • Improvement: Add PullingGauge (#​405)

  • Improvement: Let cargo know which example requires which features (#​511)

  • Bug fix: Prevent clippy::ignored_unit_patterns in macro expansions (#​497)

  • Internal change: Add CI job for minimum toolchain (MSRV) (#​467)

  • Internal change: Update CI to actions/checkout@v4 (#​499)

  • Internal change: Update dependencies

serde-rs/serde (serde)


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  • Provide public access to RenameAllRules in serde_derive_internals (#​2743)


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  • Resolve unexpected_cfgs warning (#​2737)


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  • Fix formatting of "invalid type" and "invalid value" deserialization error messages containing NaN or infinite floats (#​2733, thanks @​jamessan)


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  • Fix ambiguous associated item when forward_to_deserialize_any! is used on an enum with Error variant (#​2732, thanks @​aatifsyed)
dtolnay/thiserror (thiserror)


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  • Use core::fmt and core::panic to facilitate error_in_core support (#​299, thanks @​jordens)


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  • Resolve unexpected_cfgs warning (#​298)


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