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    syncrepo: Drop --temp-dir option as unneeded · 4fe427a2
    Evangelos Foutras authored
    Using a temporary directory outside of /srv/ftp was meant to protect
    against incomplete files from being synced by downstream mirrors. It
    does not achieve this to much effect though; each file gets uploaded
    to the temporary directory but then immediately moved under a .~tmp~
    directory at its target location (.~tmp~ because of --delay-updates,
    otherwise the file would be renamed to its final path).
    The `--delay-updates` option by itself sufficiently protects against
    temp files being transferred to downstream mirrors; when used by the
    receiver, it automatically adds an exclude rule for ~.tmp~, behaving
    exactly like we want it to. As such, the `--temp-dir` option doesn't
    provide any further benefit and can be removed.