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Fix aur-textcollector installation

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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ if (( $# != 1 )); then
[ -e $TMP_FILE ] && rm -f $TMP_FILE
......@@ -136,8 +136,12 @@
systemd: name=prometheus-btrfs-textcollector.timer enabled=yes daemon_reload=yes state=started
when: filesystem == "btrfs"
- name: install aur textcollector service
template: src=prometheus-aur-textcollector.service.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/prometheus-aur-textcollector.service owner=root group=root mode=644
when: "'prometheus' in group_names"
- name: install aur textcollector timer
template: src=prometheus-aur-textcollector.timer.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/prometheus-btrfs-textcollector.timer owner=root group=root mode=644
template: src=prometheus-aur-textcollector.timer.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/prometheus-aur-textcollector.timer owner=root group=root mode=644
when: "'prometheus' in group_names"
- name: enable and start prometheus aur textcollector timer
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