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Avoid using username placeholders in backup docs

These are already known (so no need to hide them) and are fairly static
(so variables are more of a hindrance) so it's better to use the actual
usernames in the documentation. Also, simplify the first example given.
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......@@ -8,21 +8,21 @@ You'll have to get the correct username from the vault.
We use two different borg backup hosts: A primary one and an offsite one.
The URL format for the primary one is
while for the offsite one it's
In the examples below, we'll just abbreviate the full address as `<backup_address>`.
If you want to use one of the examples below, you'll have to fill in the
placeholder with your desired full address to the backup repository. For instance,
misc/ list <backup_address>::20191127-084357
misc/ list <backup_address>
misc/ ssh://<hetzner_storagebox_username>
misc/ list ssh://
A convenience wrapper script is available at `misc/` which makes sure you
use the correct keyfile for the given server.
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