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Make install_arch work on

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......@@ -5,9 +5,13 @@
register: motd_contents
changed_when: motd_contents.stdout | length > 0
- name: check whether we're running in the Hetzner rescue system
fail: msg="Not running in Hetzner rescue system!"
when: "'Hetzner Rescue' not in motd_contents.stdout"
- name: check whether we're running in Hetzner or rescue environment
fail: msg="Not running in rescue system!"
when: "'Hetzner Rescue' not in motd_contents.stdout and 'Rescue environment based on Alpine Linux' not in motd_contents.stdout"
- name: make sure all required packages are installed in the rescue system for installation
apk: name=sgdisk,btrfs-progs,tar update_cache=yes
when: ansible_facts['os_family'] == "Alpine"
- name: create GRUB embed partitions
command: sgdisk -g --clear -n 1:0:+10M {{ item }} -c 1:boot -t 1:ef02
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